Castle Skin

Castle skins can be bought from the game’s store to change its appearance and to grant the player buffs such as increased resource production or troop stats. Skin: Faerie Toadstool – Skill 1: Ranged Max […]

New Hero – Cursed Hunter

Knock, knock! Who's there? Say hello to our latest hero: Joanna Name: Joanna Title: Cursed Hunter Hero Type: AGI Troop Type: Infantry Cursed Hunter' Skills Battle Skills (at Legendary Grade) Rank2: Merging Speed(Pacts)+20% Rank4: Infantry […]

New Hero – Shelley the Snail Princess!

Knock, knock! Who’s there? Say hello to our latest showstopper: Shelley, the mesmerizing Snail Princess! Name: Shelley Title: Snail Princess Hero Type: INT Troop Type: Ranged [Let my voice soothe your soul!] – Shelley Shelley […]