Hiding Troops : Shield, Shelter or Shut Up Guide

You know the staccato beat of your heart when you find yourself having being rallied; and you're offline and in one fell swoop you've gone from Hero to Zero. Bleugh……


Whiner Willies mama hasn't forgotten you either,  no more my shield fell and I got hit , the help me with RSS to rebuild my troops aaaargh…..


My noobs  hello there, I'm flush with goodies to help you too. 

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1. Shield :

No further explanation needed,  live it up in a bubble.

2. Shelter :

 Always always shelter your troops and leader. Remember you can hide your leader with only 1 troop in the shelter.  But but I have more troops than my shelter can hold! Hold up,  research is bae,  under Military Expansion – Shelter Expansion which adds extra 50,000 more troops mmmmmh!  Did I

 mention Harpy the familiar that hot babe will add you another 50,000 troop space….. Tada!  You're sorted.  Yes,  please and thank you. 


3. Ghost Rallies: 

Rally a darknest , please ensure it's a DN5 , they're the least likely to be hit. Rally attack for 8hours add 5 Heros for good measure. Voila,  8 hours of perfect protection.  Yes sirrreee! If 8 hours is over the rally cancels and troops will be back in your castle. 

4. Abandoned Castles:

Yadda yadda….. Rally an abandoned castle at the furthest point of your reach.  If you're offline after 8 hours troops can March all

 the way hit and come back home.  Hopefully an alien hasn't snatched your phone. 

abandoned castle.jpg

5. Garrison or Reinforce 

That excellent guildmate that's always shielded,  ask him how long his shield will last.  Be nice,  you're about to visit his castle.  So garrison your troops there and include your heroes if you want to have additional troops. Difference between reinforcements and garrisons: If that castle gets hit,  and you're garrisoned your Heroes and Troops take the first hit,  but with reinforcements your troops are mixed with the castle owner.  

Alrighty then, no more moaning myrtles .  No more losing troops. 

Till next time my warriors. Cheers. 

Lady P

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