How to Develop Familiars for F2P and Small P2P Players

Familiars are not that difficult to get and develop if you manage it properly. 

To make a short story, let us go into the details directly.

1. Buildings assignment

Mystic Spire: 1;

Gym: 3 to 5;

Spring: remained

Reason: Mystic Spire works like Barracks, increased the maximum number of pacts that could be merged in one merge. One spire is enough because it does not help to reduce merge time at all. Only on the condition that you planned to use gems to speed up the merging, you need more Spires because when you use gems to speed up, longer time makes gems more cost-effective.
Since the original merge time is not that long as research and construction, increase merge speed does not really benefit that much. Alternatively, to get Exp for familiars is rather difficult especially for high-level familiars. We can’t speed up the training process. So Exp gaining speed is more important than merging speed. That means we should have more gyms.
To have more gyms have another advantage, we can train several familiars at the same time which make the Exp gaining efficiency higher. Normally evenly distribute the heroes for each familiar could maximize the Exp per unit time. When you need to speed up a certain familiar, you can put all your heroes for it.


2. Gears

Gears are really important since they increased the merge and Exp gaining speed dramatically which is for more than the familiars research could provide. For P2P players, I suggest buying several packages to enhance the equipment to purple. Golden is rather difficult.

3. Selected the most useful familiars to develop.
A total of 35 familiars could be selected (F1: 8; F2: 10; F3: 8; F4: 5; F5: 4).
What is interesting is that there have 4 special familiars: Territe, Aquiris, Tempestite, and Pyris. The first two were  F2 appeared Pact 1, the last two were F3 appeared in Pact 2. This special arrangement somehow indicates their importance, and actually, they were. Territe and Aquiris are the basis for familiar development, Tempestite is important for monster hunting, and Pyris is the cheapest attacking familiar.

First, summon all the familiar that you can to get the basic buff. Second, enhance all F2 to adult so that you can use their skill as soon as possible. Third, select important one to train for the elder stage. I would like to explain in detail. The order somehow indicates priority.


Territe increased the pacts merge speed and provide fragments for level up the familiar skill. The fragments were rather difficult to get because we can get it only through merge pacts. Although familiar rune could be transferred into fragments, rune is always not enough itself.
Aquiris increased the Anima production and provide STA.
This is a wonderful skill. Free STA every day.
Ship refreshment. For the resource change, and most importantly for the surprise package.
Maximum help bar for ongoing construction. Since the mechanism of help is to reduce 1% of the current time, Maximum the help directly surely have more time reduce than gradually get help. The difference is 70% compared with (1-1%) to the power of 30 = 73.97%. around 4% time-saving. For construction is does not really matter much, however, for research, 4% really make sense. There have another familiar Magus had the skill but need to grow up to the elder stage.
Instantly complete ongoing transmutation. Especially during the event, it is gems.
Free VIP items. Why not.
For other F2 familiars, you can select according to your demand.
If you are monster hunters, Tempestite is sure to be selected. If you have good resource production, Evil Weevil could help.
F3 pacts do not have pact A and B, you can get the rune almost evenly, the difficult things here is that to level up familiars is really slow.
Recommended F3 that could be enhanced first were: Trickstar and Magus.
Trickstar gives many holy stars according to my experience. Magus could greatly reduce research time.
F4 I did not touch yet.


1,Merge pacts need the huge amount of resources, do it during the event time.
2,When you level up skill, fragment consumed will increase with accumulated way, so click two or three times and wait until next day will save your fragments.
3,When training the familiars, if you put all the heroes for one familiar, the other one could also be trained without the hero, it originally has 2 hours training time. Do not make it wasted.

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