Let’s Talk about the New Familar (Black Wing)

Welcome Guys,

this articel is about the New Familar and and
my Opinion
, why this familar isn't

Let's Check his Final Skill! The reason why so many Players are crying because of

Skill Hellfire

– only gets activated, if the enemy is the Attacker

1 Battle only !!! ( really important)

First, it looks really unfair. But it isn't.It can be easily get countered.

as Rallytrap, you need to know:

– 1 Battle only. abuse the game mechanic!!! 1 troop garrison is only what you need.
We know
the G
arrison fight
Turf fight
two different Fights!
that means the garrison will activate the skill.

Double Rally or more:

We begin with 1 Troop garrison. You
to port as soon as possible, when the first Rally runs. Skill will be triggered.

To Counter the Second Skill ( of a different rallyleader) , you need Low tier frontline from your Mates!!!
A trouble shared is a trouble halved!!!
Repeat this steps to split the rallys to minimize the Damage.

as fort/Base Leader in Defense:

– the only Way to
that in a Base fight is : if the Enemy Rally runs,
the Fort/Rally Leader with someone, who sends T1.

You will abuse the Familar mechanic
like 1 Troop garrison.


Don't cry about the Updates. Use this energy to Work with your

Have a nice

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