Lords Mobile: 5 Tips for Monster Hunt

Monster Hunt is a PvE mode in Lords Mobile which allows you to attack monsters found on the World Map.And you will stand a chance to get rare items and precious resources from them. Here are 5 tips you need to know before you hunt monsters:

1. Monsters fit into three categories: Normal, event (one hit) and event (3 per kingdom).

2. Each monster has different characteristics. They have their own strengths and weaknesses. Look for the small brown icon at the bottom left of the monster party screen to access details about the monster. For example, you should be used physical attack damage heroes to attack the Magic defense monsters.

Physical attack dmg heroes:

– Tracker

– Demon Slayer

– Black Crow

– Scarlet Bolt

– Death Archer/Shade

Magic heroes:

– Incinerator

– Prima Donna

– Elementalist

– Snow Queen

– Bombin’ Goblin

– Sage of Storm


When you attack a high-level monster, it will first take down the hero with the highest HP, so send all of your strongest heroes to inflict more damage.

3. Hunting monsters require energy to be spent. The energy costs of monsters are 3,000 units for level 1, 5,000 units for level 2, 8,000 units for level 3 and 14,000 units for level 4. These energy costs can be reduced via research. When you go to your “Academy”, you will see a tab entirely dedicated to “Monter hunt”. Early on, unlock the first stages and try to max them out. 


4. Try your best to level up your heroes and if you have enough money, you can forge a set of monster hunt gear.

5. It is possible to increase your damage by using the DMG Boost x(X) function. Here the (X) stands for the number your damage is multiplied by. You can multiply your damage if you have enough energy to complete (X) monster hunts.

Single Multiplier Hit Multiple Boost
Monster Hit Energy % Damage Energy Damage
1x 4,000 0% 10% 4,000 10%
2x 4,000 14% 11.40% 8,000 20%
3x 4,000 24.50% 12.45% 12,000 30%
4x 4,000 35.50% 13.55% 16,000 40%
5x 4,000 47% 14.70% 20,000 50%
6x 4,000 59% 15.90% 24,000 60%
7x 28,000 70%
Total 24,000 78% 28,000 70%

Here is an article about Best Heroes Composition for Hunt Monster, please check it. If you have any other tips for the monster hunt, please leave the comment below.

Source: Lords Mobile Wiki

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