Lords Mobile: A F2P Review


    Lords Mobile first launched over two years ago, and still has new
players joining at a respectable rate.  Highly strategic, this real-time multiplayer game is as
addictive as it is entertaining.  As a f2p member, I refuse to pay real
money for goods that are intangible, and this is a game you could literally pump your life savings into and still not be on top. 
So, in summation, here is a review of LM from a f2p perspective.

you want to be challenged while being entertained, consider
installing Lords Mobile.  Coming from an old-school tactical gamer, I
have never seen a game with such a big learning curve.  As a fan of FF
and WarCraft from platforms of yore, not many games these days can
satiate my gaming appetite.  Lords Mobile delivers what other games
these days cannot.


    Joining a guild is a neccessity, and different guild events break up the monotony of the grind of always building and
trying to grow.  There are many styles of play, from peaceful
farming–where you hide everything you've got and pretend you're playing
Farmville, to aggressive attacks–where you can gain resources, stack up your kills, and even earn extra gold by setting a ransom on
other players' leaders when they get captured.

    You get to choose
how to grow according to your gaming style and preferences.  There are
many different ways you can direct your attention, and you can stack
your talents (experience points) to reflect your gaming style.  With
monster hunts, darknest rallies, and different events going on,
there is always something active afoot to add to your gameplay.  There is also a single-player mode in which you can select, hire and level up your heroes. Behind
the scenes, there is so much passive play–from deciding what gear to
forge to which skills to research, time management fans will find LM to
be very fulfilling, with a bit of patience.


    In this gamer's humble opinion, the game and
it's risks outweigh the rewards at face value in f2p.  There will always be bigger fish in the pond.  Plus, nothing is more
demoralizing than forgetting to shelter and losing your leader and your
full army; rebuilding is tedious and painfully slow.  However, there
is a dynamic offered in a social setting that makes this all worthwhile. 
Assuming you find your place in an active guild, even at your lowest
you can find a sense of camaraderie that lacks in other settings. 

with slow growth and limited possibilities, starting out with f2p is
dangerously addictive, and fun.  And there is something to be said for dealing with crazy,
rich opponents. 🙂  With as much time as you'll invest in your gaming
experience, your guild becomes a second family.  Meeting new people from
your own country and from across the world is as addictive as the
gameplay itself.  You might think a game like this is full of
meatheads–and Lords Mobile has its share–but in my experience, there
are a lot of players just like me who are looking for more than just
statistics.   I have met many more likeable players online than I
expected or even thought possible.


    So, in summation, if you like to anticipate and prepare and are seeking stimulating gameplay, Lords Mobile could be for you.  If you're considering
joining the fold–be prepared to kiss your free time goodbye, and don't
be surprised to find yourself reaching for your phone when you wake in
the middle of the night to make sure that you've locked your leader and troops in your shelter.  As f2p, it will likely take years to earn your way to the best army, but the ride promises to be a memorable one.

as a shameless recruitment plea, if you're a team player who is serious
about protecting your goods and are looking for an awesome group
dynamic, search for [YaY] and tell them Love sent
you. You've been warned.  Welcome home. 🙂

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