Lords Mobile: Benefits of Joining a Guild


When you join the game, the first thing you need to do is joining a guild.

The Guild will increase your growth and opportunities

Benefits of joining a guild [ For beginners]:-
1. You can hunt monsters and earn Exp. and rewards
2. You can earn guild coins with which you can buy things from guild store.
3.You can rally darkness or join rally even if you are the weak player you can earn rewards in form of dark essence.
4. You can get help in building and research it decreases the time of construction by one minute per help.
5. When you don't have enough resources for research or building u can ask guildmates and save your time.
6. You can get guild gifts when a guildmate hunts a monster you don't need to do anything about it.
[There are many more benefits of joining a guild joining a guild is much batter growing alone.]


How to choose a good guild:-
1.Might:- might is a good filter, don't join low might guilds because definitely, they don't have powerful active members.
2.Active Members:- find a guild with at least 50% active members. It will help you a lot they will hunt monsters, and darkness and also they can teach you about the game.[you can check it by clicking on guild icon after joining a guild click ''members details'' to see active members]
3.GUILD Gift Level:- when you search for a guild look at its gift level the higher the level the better the gift will be.
4.Member count:- it also plays a big part
[You can also look for a guild with spending members Whenever they buy something, you will also get a gift]

Tips for growing with a guild:-
Growing with a guild is very different than growing alone
->Make a good relationship with guild members and especially with guild leader it can help you a lot.
->Don't show yourself greedy.TRY to be kind and help Others  they will also help you because of that. [People hate those who join rally by sending one troop or steal others resource fields.]
->Be active in guild events.
->gain knowledge from experienced players.
->Ask for resources and help(in construction & Research ) and also help others with it.(helping others with research and construction will give you guild coins)

Hope my guide will help

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