Lords Mobile: Counter Guide for Colosseum

Unlocked at level 10, Colosseum is a fierce PVP competition that pits you against other players in your kingdom, including guildmates, for gems! Ever changing and ever challenging, it can be hard for a beginner to figure out how to excel.

Things to keep in mind:


enemy level, grade, rank, and overall strength of their lineup.

Here are a few lineups and what they are countered by:

Rose knight, scarlet bolt, demon slayer, prima donna, tracker
countered by
Death knight, rose knight, sea squire, trickster, tracker

Big Guy, Rose Knight, Demon Slayer, Prima Donna, Tracker
Countered by
Rose knight, Incinerator, Black Crow, Trickster, Tracker
Rose Knight, Incinerator, Black Ccrow, Trickster, Snow Queen

Big Guy, Rose knight, Petite Devil, Dream with, Prima Donna
countered by
Demon slayer, ose knight, tracker, incinerato, femme fatale

Rose knight, child of light, prima donna, tracker, trickster
countered by

Big guy, rose knight, prima donnna, tracker, trickster

Barbarian, Big Guy, rose knight, tracker, Prima donna
countered by
Rose knight, petite devil, sea squire, incinerator, tickster

Rose knight, big guy, incinerator, tracker, prima donna
countered by
rose knight, sea squie, incinerator, Black crow, tracker

For a more comprehensive F2P guide, check out the lords mobile wiki.


Counter tips

These following tips are theoretical but it can help you to pick the right hero at the right time.

If your enemy uses MAGICAL heroes :
– Demon Slayer : his passive (rank 7) grants him high M-DEF. He can also silence enemies (enemies can’t use magical skills)
– Rose Knight : has high M-DEF and casts a big shield
– Shade : can silence enemies

If your enemy uses PHYSICAL heroes :
– Trickster : disarms enemies (enemies can’t use physical skills), blinds enemies (reduce enemy accuracy)
– Snow Queen : her spell “Arctive Armor” increases ally P-DEF
– Soul Forger : best P-DEF hero of the game, he can also reduce enemy P-ATK and enemy P-CRIT chance.

If you use PHYSICAL heroes :
– Scarlet Bolt : reduces passively P-DEF of all ennemies (unlocked at rank 7)
– Black Crow, Watcher, Scarlet Bolt, Soul Forger : they reduce en
nemy P-DEF
– Night Raven : increases DEXTERITY of all allies (unlocked at rank 7, usefull if you have a lot of DEX heroes in your comp)
– Black Crow : increases P-ATK of nerby allies (unlocked at rank 7)

If you use MAGICAL heroes :
– Prima Donna : gives M-ATK buff to allies
– Sage of Storms : reduces passively M-DEF of all enemies (unlocked at rank 7)
– Child of Light, Elementalist : they can reduce enemy M-DEF


Examples of team lineup

As I said, there is no best team composition.
Look at the podium : You can have an idea about team lineup that work well in the current meta.
Attack & defense lineup are pretty same lineup. It is better if you add 1 tank to your defense team.

Lineup I like :
–  Rose Knight (tank, stun, support)
–  The Big Guy (tank, stun)
–  Prima Donna
–  Petite Devil (stun, damage dealer)
–  Tracker (damage dealer)

Lineup for Free-to-play players :
–  Rose Knight (tank, stun, support)
–  Death Knight or Oath Keeper or Child of Light (tank, stun)
–  Prima Donna
–  Incinerator (stun, damage dealer)
–  Tracker or Black Crow or Demon Slayer (damage dealer)

Assassin lineup :
– Rose Knight (tank, stun, support)
– Demon Slayer
– Petite Devil
– Incinerator or Snow Queen or Sea Squire
– Tracker

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  1. Can we also do this by not looking at the hero’s skills and attack with his troop type?for example rose is a cav hero and tracker is a range hero does it mean tracker will win in Colo? please reply

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