Lords Mobile Event Preview: The Song of Champions!

Event Duration: 04/24/18 13:00 ~ 05/04/18 12:59


Are you ready for the inaugural Lords Musical? A new theme song has been added to all Kingdom and World maps! This new theme is composed by the famous German film composer Klaus Badelt (known for his work on <Pirates of the Caribbean: The Curse of the Black Pearl>, <Pearl Harbor>, and other critically acclaimed films, and for writing the music for the 2008 Summer Olympics closing ceremony) and performed by the renowned London Symphony Orchestra. This magestic overture is sure to rouse your heroic fervor, and fill the Kingdom with musical notes of sublime harmony!

Besides the new music, Lords Mobile has also prepared some new events for your enjoyment!

* From 4/24 13:00 to 4/27 12:59

Complete Hell Events to get a free [Tempo Box]. Satisfy your need for speed! As they say, time is money!

*From 4/27 13:00 to 5/4 12:59

A strange melody is sounding all over the Kingdom? It must be the work of the ancient [Troubledough]! Its music is dangerously hypnotic, and it always carries 1~3[Chest of Echoes], which may contain Gems, Speed Ups, and all kinds of resources! Go hunt it down now!

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