Lords Mobile Event Preview: Witness an Epic Clash of Guilds!

Event Duration: 03/13/18 19:00 ~ 03/17/18 18:59


It's time to step up for your guild! Which guild will prove their superiority and win this epic Showdown? Register now, and show everyone what you can do! There are also many fantastic rewards to be won!

Registration Period: 3/13 19:00 to 3/15 18:29

Event Starts: 3/15 19:00


  1. Only players with Castle L9+ can register

  2. With Athena's blessings, no troops will be harmed in the Guild Showdown

  3. Guilds must reach the minimum number of contestants to enter

  4. Max Army Size is increased by 50% in Showdown battles (dose not stack with the Turf Boost: "Max Army Size")

  5. Remember to update the game to the latest version for the latest features and events.

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