Lords Mobile – Guide to Killing Darknests


This guide will provide lots of knowledge about darknests for you,and it's targeted for all those newbies who don't understand how to kill darknests.

What are darknests?

Darknests are monsters you can find all over the map of Lords Mobile. They
range from lvl 1 to 5. They have a certain amount of troops which
increase in both number and tier for each level.They give out essences
once killed, which you can transmute in the transmutation lab to obtain

Why kill darknests?

They give essences which can be transmuted into goodies such as resources, energy, speedups, winged boots etc.

How to kill darknests?

need to rally darknests in order to kill them. All darknests require at
least a 2man rally. Here’s a list of values for the amount of troops
each darknests have.

Level 1-150k t1 120k t2

Level 2- 400-600k t2 troops 50k t3

Level 3- 1million-1.3million t3

Level 4-1.6million-2.5million

Level 5-1.3million t3 1.2million t4

monster levels that your guild can defeat and RALLY THEM DOWN! Also,
it’s ok to fail when trying to kill a monster as the Goddess Athena will
save 98% of your troops(not kidding)

Tips on killing darknests

you plan on attacking higher monster levels(4-5), you’re gonna need a
battle hall lvl 25 player and a full rally. What your guild can do is to
start hiving so that you can send  troops to a rally as quickly as
possible. Additionally, you should send a guild mail to arrnage a time
for everyone to get online and kill a monster. If you’re having
difficulty finding players to contribute to a rally at a certain time of
day, it’s ok to set a 1hr rally to ensure a full rally. If your guild
only has t3 troops(like mine), you will only be able to kill lvl 4
monsters, lvl 5 is impossible. When the first rally hits, you may lose
due to having the wrong troop phalanx. But that’s fine, you just have to
adjust the phalanx and try again.

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