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As we all know, Guild is a group of players united that can help each other, joining a guild increases your progress, get help from your guildmates even with constructions, resources or with researches. Also being in a guild helps you in battles you can rally against opponents or get reinforced by guildmates.


Guilds require at least 11 members to stay if it falls under 11 members you have a limited time until it is automatically disbanded. Now, we want to provide an easy way to help you recruit your guildmate. Please use this thread to post on the comment:

Guild Recruitment:

#Guild Information:

  • Kingdom:

  • Guild Name:

  • Guild Level:

  • Guild Leader:

  • Might:

  • WeGamers' Group Name:

  • Who to Contact:

#Guild Requirements:

  • Might:

  • Additional Info:

Looking for Guild:

  • Kingdom:

  • Your Might:

  • Additional Info:

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  1. Kingdom: 291

    Guild Name: Rogue One

    Guild Level: 9

    Guild Leader: Sith Dragon

    Might: 827kk

    Who to Contact: R4/R5

    #Guild Requirements: lv. 23 castle, and T3

    Might: 20m

    Additional Info: Friendly (sister) guild LF members we speak English and Russian, we’ll help you grow to castle lv. 25.

  2. Guild Information:
    Kingdom: 715
    Guild Name: [$]
    Guild Level: 40
    Guild Leader: 666 777
    Might: 130b
    Who to Contact: In game – MelMo or SavageM0de
    Line – melmo416

    Guild Requirements:
    Might: 1.3b+
    Additional Info: Must have T5 and sigils, active and rally eating comp. We offer daily pvp rallies, worldwide KVK ranking, GF attempts only, 4k+ gifts weekly, master DA, free heals, participation in baron/chalice/wow

  3. Recruitment open / merge opportunity

    [MHe] Hunters of Euphoria is currently looking for active players
    If Interested Contact ChurchBelle624 on LINE app
    No in game applications

    800 guild gifts daily, No level 1 monsters here
    We do a level 3+ hunt day event once or twice a month
    Very competitive in events, with a nice side of war
    Daily help spammers, for coins
    Alt guild available
    Banks and ressource to heal from war rallies

    Sigil on gear
    Purple MH gear
    2000 pts minimum for GF in master gauntlet
    Speak and understand English
    LINE app is mandatory
    Port to K270 immediately

    Contact ChurchBelle624 on LINE app
    No in game applications.

  4. Calling All Warriors!
    Attention, Lords and Ladies!
    Are you prepared to conquer the battlefield and secure victory for our guild? Look no further, because U.V is recruiting brave and dedicated warriors to join our family, we are looking for ACTIVE war player, RALLY LEAD and player to have fun! If you thirst for the thrill of battle, the taste of victory, and obviously to have fun and grow! JOIN US WE WANT YOU! We shall be grateful if you kindly message our Team leader and join us! Looking forward! LETS HAVE FUN

    Requirements for recruitment:
    1. Dedicated and Active: Show your commitment by actively participating in alliance activities and battles.
    2. Communication Skills: Effective communication is key for success on the battlefield. FOLLOW THE BASIC RULES !
    3. Strategic Brilliance: Showcase your tactical prowess and ability to adapt to ever-changing battle conditions.
    4. Team Player: Collaboration and cooperation are paramount to achieve victories together.
    5. Guild fest: Very simple rule, perform all your tasks/quests as much high points you can score including the gems paid quests

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