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As we all know, Guild is a group of players united that can help each other, joining a guild increases your progress, get help from your guildmates even with constructions, resources or with researches. Also being in a guild helps you in battles you can rally against opponents or get reinforced by guildmates.


Guilds require at least 11 members to stay if it falls under 11 members you have a limited time until it is automatically disbanded. Now, we want to provide an easy way to help you recruit your guildmate. Please use this thread to post on the comment:

Guild Recruitment:

#Guild Information:

  • Kingdom:

  • Guild Name:

  • Guild Level:

  • Guild Leader:

  • Might:

  • WeGamers' Group Name:

  • Who to Contact:

#Guild Requirements:

  • Might:

  • Additional Info:

Looking for Guild:

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  • Your Might:

  • Additional Info:

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