Lords Mobile: Hero Stage Guide for F2P Players

This guide(written by ) is for newbie who is struggling with Hero Stages or don’t
know what heroes to choose. Maybe not everyone can afford the premium
heroes so this guide will recommend the best hero composition for
f2p players. It will not be covering each stage individually but if you
follow the guidelines you should be able to 3-Star all stages and unlock
Rose Knight. Once you unlock Rose Knight, you prefer to sweep
medals instead of pushing further.

Best Hero Composition
There is no best hero composition but a good team consists of atleast 1
tank, 1 healer and 2 or 3 stunners. The team recommendation for f2p
players are Child of Light, Prima Donna, Incinerator, Black Crow and

Child of Light
If you unlock Child of Light, please use it instead of Oath Keeper. Child of
Light will be our best tank. Child of Light got an amazing stun and the
reason we recommend Child of Light over Death Knight is because outside
Hero Stages his logistic skills for cavalry are just way better. Child
of Light is one of the best f2p war heroes in the game and this game is
all about war. Child of Light can be obtained once you 3-star Elite
Chapter 4-15.

Prima Donna
Prima Donna will be our healer. She’s the best healer in the game and
that’s all there need to be said. Don’t leave home without her! Prima
Donna can be obtained for free in Chapter 1.

Great damage over time and can stun the enemies. Incinerator got amazing
magical damage making her very valuable for Hero Stages, Monster Hunt
and Colloseum. Incinerator can be obtained once you 3-star Elite Chapter

Black Crow
Amazing physical damage. When Black Crow hits she hits HARD. Black Crow can be obtained once you 3-star Elite Chapter 1-18.

Tracker got the highest single target damage in the game. Besides
killing everyone 1v1 she can also stun enemies. Tracker is amazing.
Tracker can be obtained once you 3-star Elite Chapter 2-15.


You can pushing new stages once your heroes are 2 levels or less
under the enemy level. You can see the level of the enemies by tapping
on the box icon in the Hero Stage. If you fail a Hero Stage it’s usually
1. Your hero levels/grade are too low
2. You’re using the wrong heroes
3. You don’t stun at the right time (you have to stun the enemy before he/she can ultimate)
4. You don’t kill the healers first (some stages have enemies that can heal)
Failing a Hero Stage does not cost you Bravehearts. So keep trying but
make sure you 3-star the stage and not 1 or 2-star. You need 3-star to
be able to sweep for medals.

Tips and Tricks
Don’t sweep Normal Stages.
Always sweep Elite Stages for items and medals.

Hunt High Level Monsters
They drop Uncommon/Rare Hero Chests. The items are needed to rank up your heroes.
Finish Solo & Hell Events
Lots of Hero Chests can be earned by completing Solo & Hell Events.
Sweep important heroes first
Rose Knight, Trickster, Scarlet Bolt and Sage of Storms come to mind.

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