Lords Mobile: Hyper Resource Farms


As you've probably noticed, resources are important. They allow you to build up your castle, do your research, train troops, etc. Loads of us, spend hours gathering in order to gain something afterward and others will just attack other castles to get the resources without having to spend hours gathering. Another way of getting the easy resource is by hitting dead castles (especially those that aren't c25 with max vault).

But these days, we see the rise of hyper farms. Every guild needs hypers especially those big warriors guild that can easily spend 1b or more RSS on a fight (not talking about the Baron or Emperor battle, the RSS spend it is just crazy!). 

This will be a small walkthrough on how to build a hyper account. There are a few steps to follow, so let's get into it, shall we?

1. Buildings

Pick a RSS building (quarry [stone], lumber mill [wood], mines [ore], farm [food] and manors [gold]) and max it out to lvl 24-25. Barely in mind that if you are a hyper in food or gold, you have little to no troops. Although I've seen hyper farms with quite a large amount of troops and they do not have a gold champion gear, to begin with! So it is possible to be positive in food (I'll write a post about it in the future).

2. Research (regardless of the RSS you chose either it's wood, ore, stone, or food, you need to max out its respective research).

All researches must be lvl 9 or lvl 10 (if you've unlocked Academy 25).

    – Economy tab 

I'm a t4 player, so my economy tab is max out, but hypers should focus on them too at least up to lvl 9 and then max it out (if you have the academy at lvl 25). 

  • Food harvesting I

  • Stone harvesting I

  • Timber harvesting I

  • Metal (= ore) harvesting I 

    – Army leadership 

For gold hypers, "Gold storage I" and "Gold harvesting I" should be lvl 8 [for lvl 9, you need Academy 25].

    – Military command 

  • Food storage (to increase its capacity)

  • Stone storage

  • Timber storage

  • Ore storage

  • Gold storage II

    – Familiars

  • Food harvesting II

  • Stone harvesting II

  • Timber harvesting II

  • Metal harvesting II

  • Gold harvesting II

3. Heroes

As you work your way up in research, you should focus on getting some HEROES up to gold. 

Wood hypers: Rose knight and Incinerator (150% each)

Stone hypers: Death Knight and Sea squire (150% each)

Ore hypers: Tracker and Death Archer (150% each)

Gold hypers: Soul forger (150%)

Food hypers: Oath keeper and Elementalist (150% each)

* 150% is at gold grade

Needless to say, that aside 2 heroes, they all offer atk boost so it's a must to have them whether you're a hyper or not.

4. Familiars 

They are the new addition to the game, and if p2p rushed to get some of them to an elder stage for their Atk boost and other aspects, f2p and hypers can highly benefit from them as well. 

Wood production: 

  • Oakroot (that I kindly call Groot) 25%  [pact 1A]

  • Totempest 35%  [pact 2A]

Stone production:

  • Magmalord 25%  [pact 1A]

  • Bouldur 35%  [pact 2B]

Ore production:

  • Engineer 25%  [pact 1A]

  • Krabby 35%  [pact 2B]

Food production:

  • Terraspike 25%  [pact 1B]

  • Evil Weevil 35%  [pact 2A]

Gold production:

  • Gnome 25%  [pact 1B]

  • Goblin 35%  [pact 3A]

*Familiars are at max level ie Elder and lvl 10.

5. Gear


6. Talents 

If you've maxed out your research and your heroes are the gold grade, with all buildings at level 25, your production will be around 2m RSS per hour (and all this without any talents whatsoever. If you set your talents tho, your production will be higher and reach 4m RSS per hour, which is huge when you think about it.


This is an example of talents set. This is my main account, I needed to be able to train troops as well as to research and produce rss in large amounts. If you have an alt account, let's say wood/gold, you should max out « Gold production » instead of the second part of the tree which is military.

With max research, talents set, 25% boost rss, this is what you should get approx. Personally, my main produces 4,1m wood per hour (research ain't over for me and need to work on my gear) which equals to a production to 100m per day, if you unload your production to the bank frequently. Don't forget that once you reach your maximum storage production, you'll stop producing rss, that's why you need to constantly offload what you produce 🙂

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