Migration Scroll: But 800k Guild Coins is a Lot!

So, let’s talk about migrating. This is an inevitable part of the game if you want to continue to grow your castle and your guild. For one reason or another, your guild has decided to relocate to a new kingdom. If you’re anything like me, the day they announced they wanted to migrate, was the day I just spent my very last guild coin on talent resets. Even still, it wasn’t a problem for me, I had a migration scroll before a lot of people in my guild that started with more coins than me. Here’s a helpful guide on how to accumulate guild coins quickly. Even if you’re not planning on migrating, it’s always helpful to have a spare migration scroll on hand, because you never know. In fact, get as many migration scrolls as you can, visit all the kingdoms. Because, why not?

Steps for Acquiring Guild Coins Quickly

1. Stop spending guild coins right now! First and foremost, in order to save up guild coins, you have to stop spending guild coins. I wish I could do this in real life with real money, but that still eludes me. However, in regards to the game, this is pretty important. You’ll never save up enough guild coins if you never stop spending them (I tried).

2. Make sure you are filling up your helps bar every day. One thing we do in our guild, and I would wager most guilds do, is we spam help. Spamming help consists of having a low-level building (not a p2p building!) and then requesting help. Depending on how many people you are spamming help for, you wait until you see their names pop up on your screen, and then you cancel the construction. This way you get 25% of the resources spent on the building back, and it requires the same amount of resources each time. Then you just repeat that until the person/people have filled their help bars. One tip while doing this, make sure you have enough resources to do this a lot. I usually start with opening several packs of each resource so that I can spam help quickly. This can also be done during guildfest to help people who chose that send helps quest.

3. Keep up with the news tab, or event announcements in the game. Lords Mobile regularly has events where you can get up to 4x the guild coins during the event. Take advantage of this! Make sure everyone in your guild is taking advantage of this. Spam helps, and if you haven’t filled your helps bar, ask your guild to spam help until your helps bar is filled. If you are feeling particularly helpful, ask people if their help bars need filling, and spam help for your guild as well. Make sure everyone is getting as many coins as they can during these events.
Screenshot_20180508-125246_Lords Mobile.jpg
This is from a 4x guild coin day, and why it's so important to make sure you are filling the help bars during these events. That's 4 days worth of guild coins. Not every day during these events will be 4x guild coins, but they can range from 2x to 3x, and just as important to fill your bars.

4. Ensure you are opening all your guild gifts. Make sure your logging in often enough to open all your gifts. And also make sure you’re clearing them out once you’ve opened them. I actually get a lot of my guild coins from the gifts. Just this morning when I opened my gifts, I had almost 70k guild coins from my gifts. Usually the guild coins come out of chests from purchases, but as you can see below you can also get them from filling up the gift keys, and increasing the gift level gifts. This is when it's really great to have some p2p players in your guild, as well as why it's good to encourage everyone help hunt monsters.

Screenshot_20180507-091902_Lords Mobile.jpg

This was what I opened in gifts one day. Allbeit, the 50k guild coins isn't typical. But I do regularly get 2k, 3k, 5k, and even 10k guild coins from opening gifts.

5. Complete all guild quests as often as you can. Make sure you're completing all your guild quests, and if you have any additional scrolls, use those too. During the event, she who gave us life, right now the guild quests are boosted to give more rss and more guild coins. So if you can catch events, it helps get you more coins.

6. Open all your VIP gifts every day. There are regularly guild coins of varied amounts in your VIP gifts. This is why it's important that you are making sure you open all of them each day.

(Also, that little green arrow next to the guild quests tab shows thee special event of boosted rss and guild coins)

7. Ask for help. This is probably the most important step. You can’t get help with guild coins if you don’t ask for it. If no one in your guild knows what you’re talking about, send them here. Then you can have several people in your guild ready to spam help when needed.

So, if you can do all of these, you’ll save up guild coins quickly, and be able to migrate out of the kingdom. Or have a backup migration scroll, you never know when one of the top guilds, in all of Lords Mobile, decides to randomly drop into your kingdom. Your guild may decide to get out of there as quickly as possible, and having that migration scroll will be handy in that random, and not at all personal experience, example. When your guild migrates, it's not fun to have to stay behind waiting to have enough coins for a migration scroll. And, a pro-tip, wait until guildfest to buy your migration scroll. Then you can get your migration scroll and earn points for guildfest all at the same time. Win-win!

So here's some examples of how quickly you can gain guild coins. The pictures below are about 13 hours apart. One was right after I bought my migration scroll, and the second is my current amount of guild coins. If you have a large active guild, you can easily accumulate guild coins quickly. If you don't have a large active guild, try to change that!

Screenshot_20180507-224128_Lords Mobile.jpg

If you have any other suggestions for getting guild coins quickly, let me know in the comments. If this was helpful at all, please share with your guild so they can save up their coins as well.

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