New Hero – Cursed Hunter


Knock, knock!

Who's there?

Say hello to our latest hero: Joanna

Name: Joanna

Title: Cursed Hunter

Hero Type: AGI

Troop Type: Infantry

Cursed Hunter' Skills

Battle Skills (at Legendary Grade)

Rank2: Merging Speed(Pacts)+20%

Rank4: Infantry ATK+30%

Rank7: Max Coalition Army Size(Wonder)+200,000

Hero Skills

Ultimate skill: Blades of Justice

Unleashes shockwaves with her blades, dealing mid-range damage 2 times to all enemies in a line.

Deals 3,022 Physical DMG per hit.

Active skill 1: Almighty Blessing

The Crused Hunter blesses her allies' weapons, allowing them to pierce through enemy defenses.

Increases Pierce of all allies by 6s.

Active skill 2: Holy Protection

Heals the weakest ally, and grants Divine Ward to self for 5s.

Restores 4,238 HP to an ally.

Divine Ward shields up to 3,393 of all incoming Magic DMG.

Active skill 3: Piercing Dash

Dashes behind her target and deals damage 4 times to nearby enemies in a small area.

Deals 1,436 Physical DMG per hit.

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