Guild Showdown ~ Tips & Tricks

Hey, there! I am coming with a new article as the guild showdown event registration started. (@!!@)I believe most of you are aware of this things but I always find people that don't know how […]

Purple Rain: Let the gems flow

It's raining men…. oops gems…. I meant gems (silly/)(silly/)(silly/)(silly/).Many things have been said on how and where to get gems but let's recap and a have a go… Let's Go News Updates and Facebook Anytime […]

Trap Accounts

Trap Accounts – Buildings In Lords Mobile a trap account is play style which aims to lure high level players into attacking your turf. It works by making yourself look weaker than you actually are. This is […]

[Video Guide] How to pick the gear for a RALLY trap..

Its a complicated answer to pick out the gear for a rally trap in lords mobile especially when you're new to the concept. Honestly its not like they make an instruction guide on how to […]


Once killed, the Darknest gives out essence which you can transmute in the transmutation lab to obtain rewards (gems, resources, speed ups etc). The prizes you get really depends on the colour of the essence […]


Gear is everything in this game, Everything!!!! There's good free to pay gear, What do mean??? (doubt/)(doubt/) I see those Rock eyebrows all raised up….. yes it's all FREEEEEEEEE, you will get each piece of […]