4th Anniversary: Troop Upgrade!

Dear Lords and Ladies, Lords Mobile is turning 4! To celebrate this momentous occasion, we will be introducing the all-new T5 troops! There will also be many anniversary events once the update is complete! Here's […]

Lords Mobile Dragon Arena FAQs

How to play: 1. In the Dragon Arena, guilds are paired for a guild versus guild battle. To win, guilds must earn points by occupying Strongholds. 2. The Wonders in the Dragon Arena are named […]

Let’s Talk About Proper Way To Build Troops

Hello! I’m here again with a new post that will discuss a frequently asked question from my readers: “What type & how much troops I should make?” I will discuss this based on my experiences […]

[Guide] Guide to the New [Familiar Awakening] Feature!

Deploy Awakened Familiars in battle You can select Familiars and deploy them with your army in battles! You can also station Familiars on the Castle Wall to defend your Turf Deploying Familiars in battles can […]