Counter guild for Colosseum

Rose knight, scarlet bolt, demon slayer, prima donna, trackercountered byDeath knight, rose knight, sea squire, trickster, tracker Big Guy, Rose Knight, Demon Slayer, Prima Donna, TrackerCountered byRose knight, Incinerator, Black Crow, Trickster, TrackerOrRose Knight, Incinerator, […]

Let’s Talk about the New Familar (Black Wing)

Welcome Guys, this articel is about the New Familar and and my Opinion , why this familar isn't broken/overpowered. Let's Check his Final Skill! The reason why so many Players are crying because of NOTHING!!! […]

Introducing the Maintenance Shield!

Hey there, Lords and Ladies! Gryphon News Network is back, with another exclusive: Maintenance Shields are coming to Lords Mobile! Maintenance Shields will be activated for select maintenances. You won't have to worry about being […]

1 Billion might account zeroed in 20 minutes!!

Reason of getting zeroed: Forgot his gear on monster hunting gear + no shield. Enjoy the screenshots! (@!!@) More than 10 million T4. 42 million troops in total that’s around 800 million might in troops […]

How to deal with (big) researches! (Newbie guide + pro tips)

Hello everyone! It's your boy Lee Sin with more informative content on how to affectively do (bit) research(es). Have fun reading^^ 1) Put your research gear on! Each golden lunar flute gives you an additional […]

Guild Showdown ~ Tips & Tricks

Hey, there! I am coming with a new article as the guild showdown event registration started. (@!!@)I believe most of you are aware of this things but I always find people that don't know how […]