Let’s Talk about the New Familar (Black Wing)

Welcome Guys, this articel is about the New Familar and and my Opinion , why this familar isn't broken/overpowered. Let's Check his Final Skill! The reason why so many Players are crying because of NOTHING!!! […]

Introducing the Maintenance Shield!

Hey there, Lords and Ladies! Gryphon News Network is back, with another exclusive: Maintenance Shields are coming to Lords Mobile! Maintenance Shields will be activated for select maintenances. You won't have to worry about being […]

1 Billion might account zeroed in 20 minutes!!

Reason of getting zeroed: Forgot his gear on monster hunting gear + no shield. Enjoy the screenshots! (@!!@) More than 10 million T4. 42 million troops in total that’s around 800 million might in troops […]

How to deal with (big) researches! (Newbie guide + pro tips)

Hello everyone! It's your boy Lee Sin with more informative content on how to affectively do (bit) research(es). Have fun reading^^ 1) Put your research gear on! Each golden lunar flute gives you an additional […]

Guild Showdown ~ Tips & Tricks

Hey, there! I am coming with a new article as the guild showdown event registration started. (@!!@)I believe most of you are aware of this things but I always find people that don't know how […]

Purple Rain: Let the gems flow

It's raining men…. oops gems…. I meant gems (silly/)(silly/)(silly/)(silly/).Many things have been said on how and where to get gems but let's recap and a have a go… Let's Go News Updates and Facebook Anytime […]