Tips for Rally Attack


Many players asked for rally guide. So I wanna share some tips about rally attack.


Inf > Range

Range > Cav

Cav> Inf


Inf > Ranged + Inf

Range > Cav + Ranged

Cav > Inf + Cav

Ultimate Guide:

Inf + Cav > Inf + Ranged

Inf + Range > Cav + Ranged

Cav + Ranged > Inf + Cav

Rally Guide:

*Recommended Target: 1) You have his TurfScout Report 2) He is wearing a farming set

If your prey use anti-scout, you had better start a rally with a single troop type or two troop types, so that you can maximize troops' ATK and lower the chance of being captured.

To reduce the loss of T4 troops, I would highly recommend you to send 10% of T3 troops in the rally. (You can ignore that, you're rich XD)

Always remember to take tanks with you, so they can absorb waves of damage. For example: if you send pure ranged for the rally, you should use Inf Phalanx and also send 1 T1 Cav, 1 T2 Cav, 1 T3 Cav, 1 T1 Inf, 1 T2 Inf, 1 T3 Inf. If you still worry your leader will be captured, you can also send a few Siege.

How to Predict Army Lineup

1)You can attack his resources tiles to get the battle report and find out whether he is online or not.

2)If you get his TurfScout Report and know how much wounded in the infirmaries.

3)Use Infantry Phalanx and send 180k T2 siege + 70k T1 ranged + 4 T1 INF + 4 T1 CAV + 4 T1 siege. Also, send 1 Ranged Hero. Note: only T1 troops will die in the test. 

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