3rd Prize Article: Conquering Lord’s Mobile

Rise of the Red: An intro into lords mobile by yours truly

Good morning, afternoon, and evening everyone. My name's RedKingdom and I hail from Kingdom Crodel. Please allow me to tell you all about the amazing game that is Lord's mobile. Believe it or not I found this game completely on accident.  I was scrolling through the app store looking for something fun to play. I'd seen an ad for a war game; however my memory was short on the details. So I picked this one out of the blue. (Literally cause it was blue and yellow.) I am completely glad I did. Well I don't know if was luck or the entire community is like this but first guild I joined I made friends straight off the bat. Honestly there are some awesome people in this community.  Full of friendly folks ready to spend the afternoon laughing and giving you helpful tips. The game plays great as well.

Photo below is Red Kingom or my castle

There's no getting bored as there is plenty to do. Such as building your kingdom by lvling building and training armies. Currently working my way up to the yellow castle( lvl 25) but I was super excited when I got to purple( lvl 19). I also unlocked tier three warrior and I can't wait to get tier four. Tier four has dragons who doesn't want dragons!? You can also empower your heroes in the hero stages. Unlocking new heroes is awesome; Death knight so far is my go too. I love that he doesn't give up. Than you can take down the competition in the colosseum. I thought I was champion of the arena with a rank of 2075. Only to find out my buddy Shadow was rank 349. Looks like I still have some catching up to do.

Photo below is of my colosseum charaters

The best part is those are just a few features. There's seriously always something new to do. My favorite activity right now; Happens to be familiars just the idea of owning a Saberfang makes me excited. So far I've got pact two unlocked working my way up.

Photo below is monsterhold where your famaliers are stored.


Things can get pretty exciting to for instance every once in while they release the Trickstars. What's a Trickstar? A giant Cupid like monster that upon defeat gives out holy stars. Trust me you want holy stars! When trickstars are around you better hope you got some speed ups saved your going to need them. The whole kingdom will be running toget them first. Why? Beacuse the labyrinth gives out the best rewards. However the only way to fight in the labyrinth is to use a massive amount of holy stars.

Last but not least allow me to tell you the secret to success. Research. No I'm serious Google is your friend. Do your research find out which heros work best on which monsters. Use your resources here on wegamer and read up so you can lvl up. Learn about how many Manors to build. You be surprised by how many people don't take the time and it's completely worth it.

In fact start here with a few begineers tips. tip one: Find a guild as soon as you can. Not only will it bring entertaining company it also keeps you safe and allows your castle to grow. Tip one and a half : Before castle level five you can use your two novice relocators. Once you've got a guild use a relocator and join the hive. A hive is the area in the kingdom where your guild is located. Tip 2: Be respectful you'll be amazed at what a level head and a respectful attitude can achieve. Sometimes it's the only way out of getting burned. Tip 3: Research! I know I already said that but it's important. I built five farms before realizing I only needed one. Don’t waste your time play smart.Oh! Of course the most important tip have fun after all it's just a game.

Respectfully yours, RedKingdom

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