Best F2P Heroes for Starters – Colosseum & Hero Stage

Well, I heared a lot of people asking about what is the best heroes or which ones we should concentrate. Even I, Myself as k to a lot of people. So here am just giving a simple Guid for those who start the game recently & wondering about heroes.

First we can take a look on different types of Heroes;

Type Name
Agility Black Crow, Death Archer, Demon Slayer, Night Raven, Scarlet Bolt, Shade, Trickster, Tracker
Intelligence Bombin Goblin, Elementalist, Incinerator, Prima Donna, Sage of Storms, Sea Squire, Snow Queen
Strength Child of Light, Death Knight, Oath Keeper, Rose Knight, Soul Forger

Well once again am writing this for starters, whoever playing this long know Rose Knight is one of the best hero but I'll not include in my best 5 because we can't get her until we reach a certain leve in Hero Stage (high level for starters).

So here is my 5 best;

1. Oath Keeper 2. Child of Light 3. Tracker 4. Prima Donna 5. Trickster

1. Oath Keeper

You will get Oath Keeper for free at the beginning of the game.

2. Child of Light

You will get 10 medals of Child of Light after you have beat 4-18 of Hero Stage.

3. Tracker

You will get 10 medals of Tracker after you have beat 2-15 of Hero Stage.

4. Prima Donna

You will get Prima Donna after you have beat 1-6 of Hero Stage.

5. Trickster

You will get 10 medals of Child of Light after you have beat 2-6 of Hero Stage.

Note: You can sweep any Hero Stage after completing 3 star attack, for extra Medals or Hero Equipment.

Tip: Always try to forge Equipment from Workshop for better boosts.

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