Lords Mobile – Guide for Troops

As we all know, the battle is the core of Lords Mobile, and then troops play an important role in the war. This guide(written by eraser) is talking about TROOPS. Join it! For those of […]

Lords Mobile Wiki – Braveheart

Here is some basic knowledge about braveheart, it's very suited for the newbie, you can not miss it. BraveHearts: Grants 120 STA per 1 braveheart that is used. If it's up to 120 STA, it […]

Lords Mobile Familiar Guide (Initial Thoughts)

The Familiar Update, which lets players capture beasts for their armies. There are some thoughts (written by laststandb on Lords Mobile Reddit) on familiars. The main thing that will limit your development for familiars is […]

Lords Mobile: How to Get Tier 4 Troops As Fast As Possible

Tier 4 Troops is the most powerful army in Lords Mobile. To unlock them, you will not only need to invest plenty of time and resources but also use the most efficient Research and Construction […]