Familiar System FAQ

Q: What is the Familiar System?

A: Monsters are wild creatures, hunted for the treasures they possess. However, with the new Familiar system, players will be blessed by the Goddess Athena and granted the magical ability to forge pacts with these Monsters and make them Familiars! Train Familiars and groom your new companions to their full potential. With their formidable skills by your side, nothing can stand in your way!

Gather Anima from the magical Springs, and use this new resource to make Pacts in the Mystic Spire! These Pacts will grant you Familiars, Fragments (EXP items), or Runes (if you summon a duplicate Familiar). Runes can be used to enhance Familiars in the Monsterhold, helping them to grow bigger and stronger. And that's not all! Don't forget to head to the Gym, where you can assign Heroes to train your summoned Familiars.

Q: What are the buildings introduced with the Familiar system? What do they do?

A: 1. Monsterhold: View the list of all your Familiars here! You can also level up and enhance your Familiars here.

2. Spring: Produces a new resource, [Anima], that is required for making Pacts and Skillstones

3. Mystic Spire: Merge Anima and items here to get Pacts and Skillstones. Obtained Pacts can be used in the Monsterhold

4. Gym: Assign heroes to train your Familiars here. The number of Heroes assigned to a Familiar will affect the EXP received, while the Grade of the Heroes will affect the time it takes to train the Familiar. Familiars will gain Skill EXP while training in the Gym when they hit Lv 60.


Q: When do these new buildings appear?

A: You must clear Skirmish 8 to unlock the Familiar system. The Monsterhold will automatically be built. You can build and demolish the other buildings on designated tiles. 

Q: What are the new items introduced with the Familiar system?

A: 1. Pacts: Use Pacts to summon Familiars, or get Runes or Fragments. These items can be stacked, and only a maximum of 999 of each item will be shown in your inventory.

2. Anima: A new resource that cannot be raided. Used to make Pacts and Skillstones.

3. Fragments: Used to increase Familiar EXP and Skill EXP

4. Skillstones: Required to activate Familiar skills

5. Runes: Similar to Hero Medals. Runes can be used to enhance Familiars to the next stage, and increase Skill EXP. Runes can also be shattered into Fragments

Q: How do I obtain Pacts?

A: You can get Pacts by making them in the Mystic Spire, purchasing them from the Mall, or through event rewards. Your Familiar will start at the Hatchling stage when you first obtain it. Repeat Familiars will turn into Runes.

Q: How do I unlock higher level Pacts?

A: The update will add a new research tree "Familiars". Research tech in the Academy to unlock higher level Pacts!

Q: Is there a list of Familiars and which Pacts they are in?

A: You can check this by tapping on the "Magnifying Glass" on a Pact in the Mystic Spire.

Q: How do I increase my Familiars' levels?

A: 1. Feed Familiars Fragments (EXP items)

2. Train Familiars in the Gym to gain Familiar EXP and Skill EXP

Q: How many Familiar stages are there?

A: They will grow from Hatchling→Adult→Elder

Note: Familiar Level cannot exceed Player Level 

Q: How do I unlock the ability to make Skillstones?

A: You can only unlock this function in the Mystic Spire when you obtain a Familiar that requires Skillstones and enhance it to the Elder stage.

Q: How do I increase the level of my Familiars' skills?

A: Use Runes and Fragments to increase Skill EXP


– Skill Level is restricted by Familiar Level (Familiar Lv 40 = max Skill Lv 2, Familiar Lv 45 = max Skill Lv 3)

– Each Familiar can only be fed with their respective Runes to increase their Skill Level. Each upgrade will increase the Runes required for the next upgrade. This requirement will be shared across all your Familiars, and will reset daily. 

Example: The first upgrade of the day will cost the minimum number of Runes (e.g. 1 Rune to increase Queen Bee's Skill EXP). The next upgrade will always cost more Runes than the previous upgrade, regardless of which Familiar you are upgrading. This requirement will be reset back to the minimum after the daily reset time.

Q: How do I use my Familiars' skills?

A: Familiar skills have two types: Support skills and Attack skills. Support Skills can be activated by tapping the Familiar button on the right (in Turf or Kingdom Map). They will give your Turf special boosts. Attack Skills can be activated by tapping on a enemy's Castle. Use them to weaken or damage your target. Familiar skills will NOT be blocked by Shields.

Note: Using a Familiar's attack skill will NOT activate Battle Fury or deactivate your Shield."

Q: What are Wards?

A: Familiar skills cannot be blocked by Shields. You must have an active Ward to guard against these attacks.

1. Your Ward gauge increases when you get attacked by a Familiar's skill. This gauge will decay over time.

2. Once the gauge is full, your Ward will be activated, and you will be safe from Familiar attack skills.

3. The Ward will be deactivated if you use your Familiar's attack skill. Your Ward gauge will also be reduced to 0.

Q: How do I activate my Ward and how long will it last?

A: You will be able to view your Ward gauge when you first acquire a Familiar with Support Skills, or when you are hit by a Familiar's skill.

Your Ward gauge will increase when you get attacked by a Familiar's skill. The increase varies depending on the skill used. 

A Ward will last for a minimum of 6 hours.

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