[Guide] How to Maximise Troop Boosts

This is a guide(written by that includes building and how to find the materials for equipment,gems and hero's.



1st off a little trick to finding what you want,
what you need to do is enter your forge and then select on all


Blue=the types of gear you can have, 1 of every except the ring icon,which you can get 3 (1 freely,2 at 17 and 3 at 25)
Red= the filter, if you ever want or need to get something you don't
have with a certain boost on,instead of scrolling through all the
equipment,you can press it and decide which you are looking for,this
helps a lot!

Equipment: you want to atleast have 3 sets,one for research,one for
building,one for war, it is easier if you use what I put above to find
for research and building,with the highest boosts are best of course,
which you'll find will be the flutes (research) and the circlets

Prioritizing: research > building > war, get war equipment
last,your aim is to build up the strong the quickest at the
beginning,trust me you'll have enough left over.

For war: the best for you is of course the boosts pertaining to your
troops,the best are of course the event monsters/ p2p equipment with
champion as the best (as a whole set) of course only expect grey unless
you wish to spend a few thousand $ on it, the aim is to try and get the
best split for your troops,it won't be quite hard to find out which is
the best for your spending,also I'd avoid possibly any equipment that
uses platinum unless you are farming it constantly  (to save for your
research and building)

Now for the fun part to rush you ahead way way more than the f2p players and low p2p as f2p:

Jewel,material chests and admin quests (not guild,you only lose the extra and don't end up gaining it back)

Jewel chests are pretty hefty for 99k coins but they are well worth
it,admin quests get a good balance of the 2, out of my experience( i
dont have proof sorry) is that jewel chests you tend to end up with
better jewels to the jewels you get in admin quests but of course admin
quests will aslong give you materials,xp and a little resources
->Never buy these with gems unless you are a heavy p2p player,trust me even the gold jewel chests are rare to get a gold<-

Admin quests,a good balance between jewels and materials

Material chests,these are really cheap,only at 9k coins! These are
awesome for fresh accounts to build up their research and building gear
straight away and farming ontop of course helps aswell, this isn't even
very hard to get a blue straight out of them,this is where you should
1st spend the coins after you start getting up choose whether you want
admin or jewel chests

Overall my preference of the quests and jewel chests are admin
quests,since the coins to jewels rate is a bit better i personally
think,whilst getting a better chance for higher end jewels in jewel
chests, i think the cost doesn't make up for what you can get admin
quests, of course you won't always get jewels in them but that's why you
want a some what high vip aswell,by that I mean enough you can open up 9
a quest 5×9=45 chances (20k coins admin to 100k for jewel chest)

Another place to spend your guild coins quickly is in relocaters and
talent resets,they are really cheap for guild coins to gems amount and
very useful after you've gotten on your feet,of course they come at the
price of a few possible jewels and of course you can buy talent resets
aswell which are good


Best hero's you want are the ones that are great in the colosseum and on
your troops guys ( prioritise boosts like attack>hp>defense of
course take in % if someone ends up with 10% attack for you whilst
another can give 50% hp,go with the hp but attack is really good and the
best boost

Calvary (cav), infantry (inf), archers (arc)
These include(you also have to take in there is no such thing as the
very best colo hero since it goes on set ups aswell): [Please also bare
in mind this is a free to play guide! The best hero's are of course play
to pay hero's]

The 1st hero doesnt help in troops but for research and also monsters,if
used right is a great support in colo ->Trickster! Then comes

-Rose (army attack and cav hp) (arguably the best tank for colosseum)
-Demon slayer (inf attack+hp,trap attack) (great hero to wipe out hero's
with a ton of attack from the back but watch out for prima and tracker
for example)
-Child of light (cav attack+hp,trap hp) (great tank especially for stages)
-Tracker (arc attack+defense) (if used right she can be a beast! Tanky and high damage with a long range 5second stun)
-Crow(arc hp+defense) (if 1st skill hits,leaves the target with no
defense or almost no defense! Great team up with Tracker in
particular,quite soft when being attacked but got a fair dodge and puts
up a fight against demon)

Great hero's for troops but not so much in colo include:
Oath( inf attack+hp) (he is only in particular good when he is low
level,other wise he is pretty weak but don't underestimate how strong he
can be)
Ice queen (arc attack+hp,trap defense) (only really useful when can
control the stun and for giving more defense to tanks + speeding up the
main skill of heros)
Night raven (cav attack+hp, wall defense) (great at stages less than 7th
campaign in particular but I can't see him being that good]

2 quick mentions are scarlet and sage of storms,it is upto you if you
get them but for me it isn't worth it since to get a hero all the way to
gold is 10+20+50+100+150= 330 medals!  Averaging 6 a day if you use up
all of your energy means it takes 50days average of you use all your
stamina up constantly,that is a long time for just 1 hero! (Please know
every hero needs the exact same number of medals)

Hope this guide helps you and hopefully didn't miss anything,if you
have any advice that isn't in this guide then please post below

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