The Way to Protect Your Leader and Troops

Did your leader always capture by other players? Do you always feel angry about losing the big amount of troops? Now,  here is a guide(written by Snow Queen) about how to protect your leader and troops! Maybe you need it!

Protecting yourself from Lords Mobile is one the most important parts of the game to get to grips with.  This guide covers some basic protection strategies to protect your troops, leader, and resources from player attacks. We also look at what happens when your leader is captured, held and executed.

Protecting Your Turf

Building up resources, training troops and leveling up your leader all takes considerable time to Lords Mobile. Suffering an unprepared defeat can result in a significant amount of lost Might, can slow your progress through the game and generally annoy the hell out of you.

It’s therefore important to understand all the different methods to protect yourself against enemy attacks.

Shield your Turf

The most effective way to protect yourself is to put up a shield. Shields prevent all attacks and scouts on your turf. Whilst shielded you cannot lose troops, or resources and your leader cannot be captured.

The downside to shields is they can be expensive and you have to remember to log back in before your shield expires in order to activate a replacement.

In addition, attacking, or scouting any other player will result in your shield ending. Actually, any form of aggression, including joining guild rallies will drop your shield.

Remember that shields can be purchased at the guild store as well as the normal gem store.

The Shelter

The shelter is found just the left of your Castle and can be used to protect your leader and a certain number of troops for free.

Tapping your shelter will allow you to send a single march and your leader to safety for a set period of time. During this timer, if your turf is attacked these troops and your leader are completely safe. Any other troops that are not in the shelter can still be killed and your resources are not protected.

The longest timer you can set is 12 hours, which means you will need to log in at least two times a day to refresh your sheltered troops.

The biggest downside to the shelter is it can only hold a single march. This means the number of troops you can protect will be limited to your march size which is determined by your Castle level (200,000 at level 25, or 300,000 using a 50% march boost).

Tip:–  If you are using this strategy to protect your leader and troops, make sure you make a note of the time you send your army to the shelter and remember to log back in before the 12 hours expires!

Fake Rally or Ghost Rally

Once you have filled your shelter, the next option to protect additional troops is a “fake rally” or “ghost rally”.

A rally is used to attack another player in the future, after a set period of time. This allows other members of your guild to join the fight. The longest period in advance you can set the rally for is 8 hours.

It works by targeting another player > selecting rally > adding your troops > then exactly 8 hours later your army will march for the enemy’s turf.

So what happens to your troops whilst they wait for the 8-hour timer to count down? Well, they are completely protected just like the troops in your shelter.

All you need to do is log back into your account within 8 hours, cancel the rally and then immediately set a new rally on the same target. Your troops will never leave your turf, be completely protected whilst you are offline and be ready should you need them! Just like the shelter, this allows you to protect 200,000 troops or 300,000 with an army boost.

Using the fake rally and your shelter will protect 400,000 troops without boosts. This rises to 600,000 using a 50% army size increase.

Tip:– you can only rally against a player in another guild, or against a non-guided player above Castle level 17. Setting up an alt near your main and forming a 1 man guild for fake rallies can be very useful.


Finally, your last line of defense to protect your troops are infirmaries. Troops that are killed defending your turf, gathering on tiles or reinforcing guild members are all sent to your infirmaries.

Provided you have a large enough infirmary capacity to house your whole army, then no troops will be killed.

Healing troops still cost resources and time. The main advantage is that it is much cheaper and quicker to revive troops than it is to train them again from scratch

The Vault

Your Vault is used to protect some of your resources from being stolen during an attack on your turf. The amount of resources protected depends on the level of your Vault, maxing out at 2.5 million at level 25.

Note that your vault doesn’t provide you with a separate backup store of resources.  All it does is stop players from stealing your current resources up to a certain level.

For example, a level 10 vault protects 550,000 of each resource. If you were attacked and had 300,000 of each resource, then after the attack you would still have 300,000 of each.  If you had 600,000 of each resource, then 50,000 could be stolen, leaving you with 550,000.

Try to keep your resources below your vault level and they will always be protected. Gold is not protected until you have a level 25 Vault. Prior to this, all your gold can be stolen during an attack on your turf.

Tip: Exchanging resources at your Cargo Ship rewards resource items that cannot be stolen until opened. If a resource exceeds your Vault limit it is worth exchanging it in the Cargo Ship to bring your resources below your Vault level.

What if I forget to protect myself?

The methods above provide you with the basic Lords Mobile protection strategies. There will, however, be times when for one reason or another your shield drops, or shelter timer runs out. Then what happens?


Losing your leader can be one of the most frustrating things. Whilst your leader has captured none of your talent points are effective. In addition, you cannot use your leader to defend your wall, or use him in hero stages. This can put a huge dent in your progress.

What level is it really important to protect your leader? Well below Castle level 10 your leader cannot be captured and therefore you do not need to take any precautions.

Between Castle level 10 and 17, your leader can be captured, but he cannot be executed. He will simply be held in the prison until the attacker lets him go, you pay the ransom, the player suffers a defeat, or a set timer runs out.

At level 17 and above the attacker may have the option to execute your leader – if they have a level 17 Prison. There is still a delay before they can execute, which is based on the level of their Prison.

Tip:- Did you know that in Lords Mobile your leader can be taken whist on a resource tile?  If you are not actively watching your farming, you should avoid sending your leader with resource marches.

Captured Leader

Even if you are careful, there will almost certainly be a point in the game when your leader ends up sitting in a cell in your enemies turf.

Before you go into panic mode let’s look at what this means:-

Whilst your leader is in prison, none of your equipment or talent point boosts will work. Therefore try not to start any long build timers, or research during this time.

If your leader is executed, whether you revive him or wait out the timer, you can never lose any of your equipment or talent points.

Whilst captured you cannot use your leader in hero stages, or to defend your turf.

Your player level is not linked to your hero level i.e. if you select a level 1 hero as your leader he will be able to equip the same equipment and have the same number of talent points as a level 60 hero.

This means you are better off using a hero you do not use regularly in the hero stages as your leader, so you can continue using your main heroes if your leader is captured.

What can I do about it?

If your leader is captured, you have a few options to get him back:-

Rescue march – i.e. attack their turf and free your leader. This is unlikely to be practical on your own, but you could call on your guild/friends to help you.

Message captor – plea with the player to release your leader. Begging for release is extremely unlikely to work, but a well structured and funny message can at times be successful.

Put a bounty – personally, I believe this is a total waste of gold because it does not guarantee release, asking for a ransom is a much better idea.

Ransom – pay your captor a gold ransom, resulting in the immediate release.

The last option is to wait out the timer before execution. You will usually have to wait at least a few days before the player has a chance to execute your leader. This time period is based on the level of the captor’s Prison.

After execution, you have to wait for another timer to expire before you can revive your leader. Alternatively, you can use a revival fruit to instantly bring him back.

Revival Fruit can be bought for 1,000 gems in the gem store, or a much better alternative is to purchase these in the guild store for 60,000 coins.


If you have got this far you should now be able to follow a few simple steps to protect your troops, resources, and leader in Lords Mobile.

It does get harder as you progress through the game, as the number of troops and resources you have will eventually exceed your Vault, Shelter and Fake Rally limits. At this point, shielding becomes the only viable way of protecting yourself.


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