Jewel Maximization

Now that you know which jewels to inlay in your war gear (read previous post) let me show you how do i use them. defense pieces are too inferior do not waste materials on them.

instead of inlaying one gold jewel its best to inlay the 4 purple jewels into different pieces of equipment from the troop the jewel boost. You will obtain a total of 48% instead of the 20%


you can use this one in your gathering gear. Army capacity increases how much your troops can carry.

Same concept you replace purple jewels as you obtain enough to replace it with a gold one.

♧ For your war gear you will only use attack & hp jewels as should be each equipment piece focus as well.

The following are my war gear for each troop type: (if you are a rally leader you will have all 3 some what divided)

♧As you can see the jewels boost is cumulative, so you get more by distributing them in the corresponding gear.

Don’t inlay attack & hp jewels in your construction/ gathering / research / familiars gear.

Likely it won’t be your permanent gear, so if you inlay it will cost you to remove it.

Don’t inlay jewels in gear below lv 50.

then as you get more & upgrade them, you replace them for the higher grade ones. I recommend you hold of touching your jewels until you reach lv 60 by then your gear troop focus will be set.

Don’t rush wait till you have blue/ purple jewels to inlay.

Do start buying jewels chest right away with guild coins, the good ones are hard to get.

Don’t use defense / siege / trap/ wall jewels in your war gear, they are a waste of space.

Monster hunt jewels follow the same guides.

Thank you for reading & if you have any questions or something to add feel free to coment ♡

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