[Guide] Guide to the New [Familiar Awakening] Feature!

Deploy Awakened Familiars in battle

You can select Familiars and deploy them with your army in battles!

You can also station Familiars on the Castle Wall to defend your Turf

Deploying Familiars in battles can also increase Army attributes (this requires research to unlock)

Familiar Battle Slots

Head to the [Academy], and tap on the new research tree, [Familiar Battles] 

You can unlock Familiar Battle Slots by researching technology in this new research tree (max 5 slots)!

Select the Familiar you want to awaken in the [Monsterhold]

Tap Army Talent

Use [Bright Talent Orb] / [Brilliant Talent Orb] to awaken and upgrade Familiar Talents


Let’s take a quick refresher on Familiars!

Getting Familiars

Open [Pacts] in the [Monsterhold] to summon Familiars

Getting Pacts

Merge items to form [Pacts] in the Mystic Spire!

You can also make [Skillstones] here to upgrade Familiar skills

But remember!!

You need [Anima] to make [Pacts] and [Skillstones]!

Getting Anima

1. Build [Springs]! These produce Anima.

2. You can also use Gems to buy Anima

Training Familiars

1. You can train Familiars in the [Gym]. 

    Familiars can get Familiar EXP and Familiar Skill EXP after training is complete!

2. You can use items in the [Monsterhold] to level up your Familiars, upgrade their skills, or enhance them to the next stage. 

Using Familiar Skills

Tap on the Dragon icon on the right side or when you have selected a target’s Turf to use your Familiar’s skill.

Don’t forget that your Familiar must be at Elder Stage to use skills! You also need Skillstones to activate Familiar skills!

Getting Skillstones

Merge items in the [Mystic Spire] to get Skillstones!

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