Limited Challenge – Dream Witch

Dragons have long since passed out of knowledge since they lost the battle to Man long ago. Eloise, the young Dragon finds this legend most fascinating. Why do Dragons fear and hate Men so much?

To find the answer, she transformed into a human and set out for the land of Men, with no idea of the dangers that lie ahead.

Stage 1: Dream Invasion

Other Hero:


Auto Win Total Hero1 Hero2 Hero3
8 10 Watcher Rose Knight Tracker
4 5 Watcher Rose Knight Incinerator
4 5 Child of Light Rose Knight Prima Donna
4 5 Child of Light Rose Knight Trickster
4 5 Vengeful Centaur Rose Knight Lore Weaver
3 5 Watcher Rose Knight Child of Light
3 5 Rose Knight Child of Light Incinerator
3 5 Rose Knight Petite Devil Child of Light

Stage 2: Hunger Pangs

Stage 3: Dark Dreams

Stage 4: Night Terrors

Stage 5: Solitary Slumber

Stage 6: Dreamy Delusions

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