Lords Mobile Vergeway – All Chapter

The Vergeway is a feature in Lords Mobile where players can complete challenge stages to earn a variety of rewards. The Vergeway is a Tower Defense mini-game, where the goal is to collect Cards, and defeat the enemy on the right side of the map in limited time, while defending your own base on the left side.

Turf Boosts

Upgrade Cards to get the respective Turf Boosts. The following list is the sum of all Turf Boosts, when all Cards are level 15 (max). View the individual Card articles for details on their respective boosts.

Infantry 11 22 22
Ranged 11 22 22
Cavalry 11 22 22
Siege 11 22 22
Trap 11 22 22
Castle Wall n/a 19 18
Resources Production Rate Max Storage Boost
Food 56 14
Stone 56 14
Wood 52 13
Ore 56 14
  • Army Capacity: 18%
  • Gathering Troops Travel Speed: 19%
  • Supply Troops Travel Speed: 18%
  • Monster Hunt Travel Speed: 18%

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