Lords Mobile: Help You Get Rewards from Voyage Quest

What is Voyage Quest?

It's a new feature to guide new users, of course, all current users can get the rewards from it as well! 

1. Voyage Quests are unlocked at Castle Lv4, and will only be available for 14 days.

2. Complete each quest to get rewards. After you finish all Voyage Quests, you can get the Completion Reward. Please follow this voyage to grow stronger and get rewards!

Tap on the button on the left side of your map (displayed in the picture on the below) to enter the Voyage Quest challenge.



(Ⅰ) Hidden Talent

Quest Content:

Reach Player Lv 11

*The Avatar at the left top of your view contains a number at the left bottom, this is your Player Level. The ways you can gain player exp are: Monster Hunting, Forging Equipment, Completing guild or admin quests, Completing or sweeping hero stages and more. Check Fastest Way to Reach Level 60 to know more.

Assign at least 1 Talent Point to [Construction Speed Ⅰ]

*Click your Avatar, and then tap on the button on the left side(displayed in the picture on the below) Talent points are spent in the hero skill tree and significantly increase your economic and combat boosts.


Quest Rewards:

Speed Up (15 m) *6

10K Timber *4

10K Ore *4

(Ⅱ)Building Features

Quest Content:

Increase Might (Buildings) by 800

*In Lords Mobile Might is everything. Whilst Might may not directly benefit you as a player, indirectly it shows other players how far advanced you are in the game and how strong of an opponent you are likely to be. The different types you can earn of Might are: Buildings, Research, Player level, Quests, Troops and traps, and Expanding your Turf.

Gather 6,000 Resources

*How to Gather Resources As Fast As Possible

Quest Rewards:

1,000 Energy *3

Speed Up (15 m) *8

3,000 Gold *8

(Ⅲ)Monstrous Clash

Quest Content:

Upgrade Castle to Lv 6

*The Castle is your most important building. Upgrade to unlock new buildings and features, gain might, increase the max level of other buildings, and number of Soldiers you can add to your army.

Hit Lv 1 Monsters 1 times

*Monster Hunt is an extra which allows you to attack monsters found on the World Map. You must be in a Guild to hunt monsters.

Quest Rewards:

Speed Up (30m) *6

30K Food *6

50K Stone *2

(Ⅳ) Expanding Horizons

Quest Content:

Increase total Might by 6,000

Earn 300 points in Solo Events

*Help You Understand the Solo Event and Hell Event

Quest Rewards:

Speed Up (30m) *9

50K Timber *3

50K Ore *3

(Ⅴ) Heroic Strides

Quest Content:

Reach Player Lv 17

Clear Hero Stage 1-18

*Hero stages is a segment of the game where you get better heroes, and better gameplay. This is one part of the game where you work alone. Hero stages give out a lot of loot whenever you complete one stage. These loots can be used to improve your might, speed up constructions and research. 

Quest Rewards:

20k Player Exp*2

Speed Up (30m) *6

150k Food *5

50K Stone *5

(Ⅵ) New Recruits

Quest Content:

Increase total Might by 15,000

Train 1,200 Troops

*Lords Mobile consists of four different troops: Infantry, Siege, Ranged and Cavalry. You can train it on Barracks.

Quest Rewards:

Speed Up (60m) *8

15K Gold *6

(Ⅶ) Bright Idea

Quest Content:

Clear Skirmish 4 Lush Plains

*Skirmish 4: Lush Plains is protected by Death Archer together with Black Crow and Sage of Storms. It is defensed by a 225 Health Point wall with traps including 150 spikes, 75 archer towers, and 150 spoke boulders. 1125 troops battle to shield the plains including 30 catapults, 195 archers, and 900 cataphracts. The best way to defeat this skirmish is using ranged troops.

Increase Might (Research) by 8,000

Quest Rewards:

Braveheart *2

150K Timber *2

150K Ore*2

(Ⅷ) Proof of Worth

Quest Content:

Win 1 battles in the Colosseum

*The building only unlocks at level 10 castle. In this building you can do hero only based PVP battles ( no troops , gears or buffs involved ).

Free-to-Play Guide to Reach Colosseum Top 500


Hit Lv2 Monsters 5 times

Quest Rewards:

Speed Up (3h) *5

500K Food *4

150K Stone *4

(Ⅸ) Getting Busy

Quest Content:

Increase Might(Buildings) by 7,000

Collect 7 Heroes

*If you're an F2P player, you can get some heroes on Hero Stage. And you also can buy some powerful heroes. What are P2W Heroes Worth Buying? this guide is targeted at the player who is wondering which heroes are worth to buy.

Quest Rewards:

Speed Up (3h) *6

50K Gold *5

(Ⅹ) The Right Path

Quest Content:

Upgrade Castle to Lv12

Increase total Might by 65,000

*Newbie F2P Guide to 10M Might in Under 60 Days

Quest Rewards:

Braveheart *3

150K Timber *5

150K Ore*5

All Voyage Quests Complete!

Quest Content:

Complete all voyage Quests and claim theire rewards to get the Completion Reward!

Quest Rewards:

Speed Up (3h) *3

Speed Up (60m) *5

Speed Up (30m) *5

50K Gold *5

*Quest rewards can still be claimed when the Voyage Quest ends.

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