Lords Mobile Special Event: A New Eggventure!

Event Duration: 03/26/18 13:00 ~ 04/07/18 12:59


Spring is here! Are you ready for a cracking good time? To celebrate this eggciting season, Shields has been decorated with a splash of color and the Guild Fest will feature BONUS Tier Rewards!

*3/26 13:00 ~ 3/29 12:59

Animares have emerged from the watery depths and are thirsting for Anima! A wave of Animares will appear every 3 hours, along with Goblins, Gemming Gremlins, and Trickstars! Hunt them down to retrieve Anima, Gold, Gems, and Holy Stars!

*3/29 13:00 ~ 4/4 12:59

The monsters are up to mischief again, and it's up to you to retrieve the stolen goods! Kill monsters and you could get a [Painted Nest]!

*4/1 13:00 ~ 4/4 12:59

Guild Leaders can send all guildmates a [Guild Deluxe Egg] each day! Don't miss out on these eggciting presents!

*4/4 13:00 ~ 4/7 12:59

It does not spring without the mischievous Huey Hops! Summon it during the Guild Bash, and you could get 100,000 Gems and 100,000 Holy Stars!

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