Lords Mobile: How to Maximize Infirmaries Capacity


Hey guys MARIN3SNIP3R here for infirmary capacity guide and how to go about it to minimize your troops death count.

As you grow your army size and might increases your going to become juicy targets and you will probably have the urge to want to go burning because you have this mighty army right? What good is it if you don't use it?  So if your like me you love to burn and from time to time you might get trapped and you want to salvage all that you can right? That's how I am so what do we do?

That's easy. Build and level up your infirmaries. Now you can only have so many of them. For example, I have 14 infirmaries. Now they are not all maxed yet but I'm getting close. Now each infirmary when they are maxed out at level 25 can hold 40k wounded now multiply that by 14. That is 560k wounded. Now that is quite a bit right?

But there is still room for more If you go to your research facility and go to army command and scroll down to bigger infirmary.  This will also help you a little bit more. Once you get that research talent maxed out that will increase your capacity for wounded by another 7%. Now 7% does not seem like that much but actually that will increase your capacity to 599,200. That is another 39,200 uou can save.  Now there are other layouts you can do with infirmaries. You can have up to 16 if you dont want any manors and only want one barrack. 16 infirmaries will give you 640k space for wounded now add in the 7% that gives you 684,800 that is about all you can do for space tho.  But that is still a massive army you can save.

Now you are probably wondering, wont this take a long ass time to heal that many soldiers? The answer… yes it indeed will. You can research triage in the academy and that will help reduce the time or you can spend money on gems and insta heal them. But the the research speed to reduce healing time is the best F2P way to go about this. Or you can just heal troops after every castle burning so that you dont let the infirmaries fill up.   

Don’t forget to upgrade Familiars. They are added help. Strix (located in Pact 2A) adds to healing speed. Fully upgraded (Maxed out), she can add 25% boost in healing speed!!! Every little bit counts. Harpy is another familiar that is very useful. She adds to your shelter capacity. Fully upgraded she can add an extra 50,000 troops to be sheltered.

I hope this helps guys. Any questions, comments, concerns let me know in the comments below or feel free to shoot me a message in WeGamers. Good luck guys until next time!! Also a big thanks to my friend Diamond for help explaining the familiars!

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