Gear and Talents for Lords Mobile BY Andrew Blackburn

"What Gear or Talents do I need for X?"
This gets asked all the time by new and even older players.

so many items to chose from and more coming every month it can be truly
daunting to decide.  Especially, when a growing portion of gear require
1% drop rate materials from monster hunts.

So for people with little money and poor luck, like myself, here is a free-to-play guide to Gear and Talents.

not craft other gear pieces at lower levels.  You will end up wasting
materials on lower level items.  Level 0-40 go relatively quick.


*The Amehtyst Boots are only .5% better and the Seafarer Cleats are used for Gathering, so focus on the Cleats.




*An alternative body armor piece is the Odysseus that you crafted for Construction.
*An alternative Off-Hand is the Vice Grips you crafted for Reserach


will mainly use this first Talent tree unless at War.  Focus on maxing
Construction Speed and Research Speed first.  Then go back and fill in
Training Speed and Gathering Speed as you see fit.



at War your focus is purely on the left side of the Talent Tree.  Max
all Squad bonuses first to receive 100% boost to Army HP and Defense and
5% boost to Army Attack.

With any leftover points fill in Infantry, Cavalry, or Ranged Offense III as you see fit to work with your army composition.


And that is it.  Save these pictures for use later.  As new sets come
out I'll try to assess what is available for Free to Play and work it

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