Lords Mobile: Is it Good to Have 2 Barracks?

Barracks provides a place to train your soldiers in Lords Mobile. You can upgrade it to increase the number of soldiers you can train. A lot of player with more than 1 barrack on their turf and didn't know exact reason they do that. They respond I see high might player doing it so it must be good. To tell the truth, it's not good for the most player,  will explain to you why you build more than 1 barrack or stay at 1 barrack.

If you just want result 

T1= 13Manor 4Barrack

T2= 14Manor 3Barrack (Who make T2? XD)

T3= 15Manor 2Barrack

T4= 16Manor 1Barrack


Plz take note that building a manor instead of the barrack would change the data a bit. Data change would be bigger on T4 than T1

Take a look of the 3 Screenshot at below of T1 grunt 5500, 11000 and 16500.




T1 Gems Cost for 5,5k/ Time Cost for 5,5k Troop
5,500 Troop cost 395 gem or 4h21m25s 395/4h21m25s
11,000 Troop cost 686 gem or 8h42m49s 343/4h21m25s (52 gem saved)
16,500 Troop cost 904 gem or 13h04m14s 301/4h21m25s (94 gem saved)

These one are not official and data has been found on a website but ADB-Agoni has tested with his troop and training speed of 2 accounts and it's exactly the same.(You can also do the train time of 5500 x 4 to find it) The gem amount is the same as 5500 T3 and 11k T3.

22,000 Troop cost  1135 gem or 17h25m38s 286/4h21m25s  (109 gem saved)
44,000 Troop cost  2156 gem or 1d10h51m16s 270/4h21m25s  (125 gem saved)




T3 Gems Cost for 5,5k/Time cost for 5,5k Troop
5,500 Troop cost 1135 gem or 17h25m38s 1135/17h25m38s
11,000 Troop cost 2156 gem or 1d10h51m16s 1078/17h25m38s  (57 gem saved)
16,500 Troop cost 3209 gem or 2d04h16m53s 1069/17h25m38s  (66 gem saved)



T4 Gems Cost for 5,5k/Time cost for 5,5k Troop
5,500 Troop cost 2156 gem or 1d10h51m16s 2156/1d10h51m16s
11,000 Troop cost 4262 gem or 2d21h42m31s 2131/1d10h51m16s  (25 gem saved)
16,500 Troop cost 6300 gem or  4d08h33m46s 2100/1d10h51m16s  (56 gem saved)

There is an easy way to know what is the best amount of manor or barrack for you for a certain type of troop, it's really simple.

First you need to know your actual training speed. And then go to the website to enter your training speed to check training time of any amount of troop which can help you decide if its worth or not to build another barrack.

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