Lords Mobile Newbie Guide: Roles of Guild


The guild is a group of players united that can help each other to defeat the enemy and grow up as fast as possible. After you join a guild, you can get help from your guildmate to increases your progress. As a newbie, the most important thing you need to do is to find a suitable guild and then join it. Below are the roles of guild you need to know:

Guild Bank:

Floor: 2

Guild banks allow guild members to store excessive resources and you need to use a lot of time to collect resources. When your guildmates needed those resources, you can send these resources to support them. If you are willing to be a farmer, you could better focus on finding the way to upgrade your gathering speed.

Suitable Players: F2P and Alternate Accounts

Recommendation: F2P guilds should build it when the guild starts and P2P guilds should build as well since T4 consume a large amount of gold to train and heal. It's the basic of a guild.

Guild Trap:

Floor: 3

A Guild Trap is a play style specifically focus on luring players to attack your castle, and then trapping their leaders to weaken their military might which causes the enemy to be afraid of losing leader while burning your guild hive. (or for your entertainment of people losing troops.)

Suitable Players: F2P and P2P(only if you're bored of being offensive)

Recommendation: If you want the easiest trap account to play, then go for the highest tier troops you can train, with infirmaries covering all your troops (this is also the longest and most expensive route). You can then sit back in the knowledge that you will never have a single troop killed.


Floor: 4

Gatherers are responsible for gathering and providing resources to the bank if your guild had any bank.

Suitable Players: F2P and P2P

Recommendation: F2P should be shielded when gathering and P2P may choose to shield or be unshielded.


Floor: 5

Hyperfarms are responsible for focusing on 1 type of resources and sending them to the bank if needed.

Suitable Players: Player Decision

Recommendation: Depend on your gears and other factors to decide whether which type of resources to mass produce.

Below are two useful tips on how to build a hyper account, check it out and hope you can share other tips with us! XD

1. Pick a resources building and max it out to lvl 24-25.

2. Regardless of the RSS you chose either it's wood, ore, stone, or food, you need to max out its respective research.

Rally Leader:

Floor: 6

Rally Leaders are responsible for hosting a rally against forts or enemies.

Suitable players: P2P and F2P (not recommended for F2P players)

Recommendation: Rally Leaders need to spend more than average players in order to do significant damage to the target. For F2P, it depends on your research and luck in gears or jewels.

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