Lords Mobile: Take a First Look at Upcoming Friend Invite Feature

Today, Lords Mobile announced via their Facebook Page that an upcoming feature – Friend Invite will be added to the game. You and your friends can both walk away with some goodies:

  1. Voyage Quests unlock at Castle Lv 4.

    Friend invitation starts at Castle Lv 7.

    Both parties will get rewards!


  2. Reach Castle Lv 7 to start inviting friends.


  3. Friends must be downloading the game on their device for the first time, and must register a new account.

    Friends must use the [Invite Link] to download, log in, and link their account withion 24 hours.

  4. Friends invited will get the [Welcome Gift].

    You will get an Invitaition Reward when a friend you invited joins the game.

    When your friend completes a Voyage Quest, you will get the Comrade Reward!

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