How To Be Stronger In Lord’s Mobile


Most players might are high but they cannot defeat others. Today I will give you some hints to get stronger in lord's mobile. 

1. Military research – Most give focus on other farming research like Construction speed, gem harvesting, extra but they don't focus on military research. That is the main reason why small players defeat other players with balanced army .

2. Miltary Talents – Mostly players focus on Construction speed, extra but when that important talents maxed they focus on other talents like food production, etc.

3.Equipment – Equipment also boost properties.

   A. Ranger Equipment – Scullcrusher, Eternal Codex, Ambrosial Cup, Wyrmbone Coronet, Hardened Carpace, Dragon`s, Talon, Dacadent Sword, Dlight Ring, Winter Mitts, Ancient Hat, Deadly martle, Winter Stommpers there are best for Ranger class.

   B. Infantry Equipment – Scullcrusher, Winter Mitts, Deathgazer, Deadly Mantle, Storm Tassets, Blight Ring, Terror Lash, Dark Aegis, Ambrosial Cup, Beast helm, Terror Shield are the best Equipment for Infantry class.

   C. Cavarly Equipment – Ripper claw, WinterMitts, Winter Parka, Deathgazer, Strom Tassets, Blight Ring, Horn Cudgel, Dragon`s Fist, Bumblehelm, Fear Drum, Firewall Plate, Gargantaul Belt are the best equipment for cavarly class.


4.Troops – Bigger tier troops have more defence than lower tiers.We compare troops in this way. t2 is 100% powerful than t1,t3 is 50% powerful than t2,t4 is 50% powerful than t3.(biggertier have less speed which means it will decrease your travel speed) 

5. Traps – Traps are expensive but it are not useless. Traps kills alot of troops if your wall is strong enough and player afraid to attack others if you have alot bigger tier traps,With use of traps boost equipment your defends will be strong. Best Traps boost equipment are Scullcrusher, Shadow Helm, Orb of Pestilence, Ivory Choker, legs of the Decivers, Deathly Mantle, Horn Cudgel, Winter Mitts, Storm Tasset. And best wall DEF boost equipment are Shadow helm, Grimy Plate, Frostwing Shield, Dlight Ring, and Frostwings Boots.

6. Single time uses – Army ATK boost,amry DEF boost and Army size boost also give alot helps. This can be purchase in gem mall and Guild Shop. And can be get in monster hunt.

7. Army lineup – what is army lineup? – Army lineup is allow us to change troops formation. First of all you have to know Strengths and weaknesses of troops. Cavalry counters to infantry,infantry counters to rangers,rangers counters to cavalry,and seige counters to wall(if wall destroyers then traps also destroys).

In Army lineup there are 6 types of lineups- Infantry wedge, Ranger wedge, Cavalry wedge, Infantry phalanx, Ranger phalanx and Cavalry phalanx. This all measured by which kind of lineup enemy use. For example – you and your enemy have same troops, If enemy use ranger front then if you use infantry front then you will win surely. These lineups unlocks in research(in Army Leadership tab)

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