Lords Mobile: Tier 3 Tips for KvK Gathering

So the KvK is here again in 2 days so many players like me don't want to attack or get in fury and get zeroed in KvK so this guide is for you guys. So I'll tell you simply how to reach tier 3 but being gatherer you need some patience to reach tier 3 & need to stay online Constantly.

Gather Ore as much as possible because ore gives more points than the gold this is the first secret.

-Make sure to use your gathering gear & 50% gather boost.

-Make sure your talent points are set on the gathering.

-Use the Shield while gathering always in KvK.

-Tier 4 Rich vein / ore tiles gives more points for gathering than any Tile 5 except the Rich Vein Tile 5 so if you're near base and don't get the Rich vein level 5 go for level 4 Rich vein instead other level 5 for more points.



If you've less troops say 100k only and Army Limit is 5 better send 5 army to gather not single of 100k another secret of gathering.

Now I'll say why ore is better than every other RSS because most of you will say the Gold gives more points that's completely wrong. Send army of 10k on ore & gold of same level and check time. Now that you already know the gold gives 330 points per 1000 & ore giving 240 points per 1000. So you already checked the time before now compare how much points you get per minute or per hour.

You'll realise Ore will give more points than the other RSS. So first priority Ore than second is gold.

Good Luck For KvK Everyone.

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