Lords Mobile Update: 6/29 Update Note


Greetings Lords and Ladies! Our royal crew will be working on an update from 06/29/2018 01:00 – 06/29/2018 03:00 (GMT-5). The maintenance rewards of 600 Gems and Speed Up Training (60 m) x8 will be credited to your account once their work is done.

Update Notes:

# New [Lords Cup] event (only unprotected Kingdoms and Kingdoms whose protection ends in fewer than 60 days can participate; check in-game for more details)

# New District Wonders: Baron's Tempest & Baron's Blizzard (check in-game for more details)

# Familiar update: Hoarder's skill has been renamed from [Capitalist] to [Trove Expansion]

# Updated sound effects for 'Receiving Ally Reinforcement' and 'Receiving Ally Supplies'

# Various UI adjustments

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