Lords Mobile Update Note 8/14


Greetings Lords and Ladies! Our royal crew will be working on an update from 08/14/2018 01:00- 08/14/2018 03:00 (GMT-5). The maintenance rewards of 600 Gems and Speed Up Training (60 m) x8 will be credited to your account once their work is done.

The Guild Fest is soaring to greater heights with the brand new [Master Gauntlet]!

Guilds in the Master Gauntlet can take on [Bonus Tasks] to earn more points and have access to 27 Reward Tiers!

The top 100 guilds in the Master Gauntlet World Rankings will get a special Guild skin!

Update Notes:

# Guild Fest – Introducing the [Master Gauntlet]! (check in-game for more details)

# Added [Latest Rankings] to Guilds (Unlocked at Guild Fest – Intermediate Gauntlet or Guild Showdown – Division 2)

# Innate Talent: Added ability to reset a single Talent

# Official mail from the Lords Mobile team will be indicated by a logo and blue background

# Transferring guild leadership: added warning notices before confirming leadership transferral

# Optimized Live Stream interface

# Various UI adjustments

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