Lords Mobile Update on March 22


Spring is here, and we've got a bunch of new updates to celebrate the season of renewal! 

Rumor has it that Bellena has an egg-cellent surprise up her sleeve….

(Check in-game news for more details!)

The Goddess Athena has granted our rulers the special [Regent] title! Regents can assist their respective rulers and assign titles on their behalf.

# New [Overlord Regent] title: Can help assign Vassal Titles

# New [Baron Regent] title: Can help assign District Titles

# New [Emperor Regent] title: Can help assign Imperial Titles

# Added Livestream function: Found in Others (Gear icon)

# New Voyage Quests: Complete 10 newbie quests to grow stronger! (Unlocked at Castle Lv 4)

# Challenge Mode: Chapter 7 open! (Clear Elite Chapter 4 to unlock)

# Added Turf Quest for Challenge Mode (Chapter 7)

# Added total troop summary for Coalition Army, Allied Troops, and Wonder Reinforcements

# View total resource items in Castle

# View Help counter in Speed Up screens

# Items can be sorted in Ascending or Descending order when using Speed Ups or resource items

# Change Leader: Tap on a Hero's portrait to view their Battle Skills

#  Updated Emperor Equipment icons  (Kingslayer, Imperial Bulwark, Noble Helm, Regal Robes, Stately Tassets)

# Various UI improvements

# Optimized for iPhone X

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