New Hero – Shelley the Snail Princess!


Knock, knock!

Who’s there?

Say hello to our latest showstopper: Shelley, the mesmerizing Snail Princess!

Name: Shelley

Title: Snail Princess

Hero Type: INT

Troop Type: Ranged

[Let my voice soothe your soul!] – Shelley

Shelley is a gnome who marches to her own beat. Instead of tinkering with machines, she spends her time on music, charming her audience wherever she goes.

Her magic flute helps bring her melodies to life, rejuvenating anyone who hears them.

Enamored by her tunes, Coral the snail offered to escort her on a quest to spread her music to every corner of the world. The two friends have never been seen apart since, earning Shelley the moniker of the Snail Princess.

If you sopt them, stay a while and listen!

Snail Princess’ Skills

Battle Skills (at Legendary Grade)

Familiar Training Lv EXP+20%

Ranged ATK +30%

Hero Skills

Ultimate skill: Snail Samba

Summons a group of snails to attack neraby enemies in a medium area for 5s. Also inflicts Confuse for 5s.

Deals %x Magic DMG every second. Confused enemies can’t regenerate MP

Active skill 1: Sonic Shrill

Releases a blast of sound, dealing long range damage to all enemies in a cone, and lowers their MDEF for 5s.

Also lowers target’s MDEF by 4 Chance to inflict condition.

Active skill 2: Hypnotizing Hymn

Plays a strange tune on her flute, dealing damage to all enemies and reducing CRIT for 4s.

Deal %x Magic DMG Also reduces CRIT by %y

Active skill 3: Victory Verse

The Snail Princess plays a rousing melody, imbuing her allies with confidence.

Increases Reflex of all allies by %y.

Well, isn’t she delightful? What your thoughts on this new hero?

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