Sigils FAQs

Q1: Why can’t I see the new Sigils research tree and Sigil slots?
Q1: I tried to inlay a Sigil, but a loading circle keeps appearing!
Q1: I see a ? icon when viewing other player’s Equipment. Is there a bug?
A1: Please update your game to the latest version to fix these issues.

Q2: Can any Jewel be inlaid in Sigil slots? Are there any special requirements?
A2: You can only inlay Sigils in Sigil slots. Sigil slots (4th slot on Equipment) look different compared to the first 3 Jewel slots. You must also research technology to unlock Sigil slots.

Q3: I inlaid the Shadow Sigil, but the skill didn’t work!
A3: The Sigil’s skill will not work if the Equipment it is inlaid in is of a higher grade than the Sigil’s grade. For example, a [Legendary] Shadow Sigil will work on Common, Uncommon, Rare, Epic, and Legendary Equipment. A [Common] Shadow Sigil will only work on Common Equipment.

Q4: Can I remove an inlaid Sigil?
A4: Yes. Sigils have the same rules as Jewels in regards to removing and fusing. You must use Extractors (a new item) to extract Sigils from Equipment without destroying it.

Q5: How many types of Sigils are there?
A5: There are currently two Sigils: the Wolfpack Sigil and the Shadow Sigil.

Wolfpack Sigil’s skill: Increases Rally ATK (only for Wonders: Forts, Base, Royal Wonder, District Wonder) based on the total number of Wolfpack Sigils inlaid on Rally Participants’ Equipment (does not include Rally Captain)

Shadow Sigil: Hides the Equipment the Sigil is inlaid in from other players.

Q6: Is there a limit to the Wolfpack Sigil’s skill?
A6: Yes. Each player can contribute a maximum of 320 Pack Attack. Each Rally Army can have a maximum of 1600 Pack Attack (max +100% Rally Attack). You can view this number when sending troops or when viewing the page for the Rally (you must be participating in the rally).

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