[Topic] Who will become the Baron?


A mysterious force has split the Royal Battleground into several districts. Only the worthy may enter!

Are you ready to duke it out in the Royal Battlefield for a chance to become the Baron?

Event Duration: 

07/14/18 13:0000 ~ 07/15/18 20:59

Baron's Hoard

*A special Legendary Jewel

*500,00 Gems

* 300,000,000 Gold

Baron's Authority

*The Baron's captured prisoners cannot be pardoned by the Overlord

*Issue District Titles

*Honor and reward guildmates

Second Place

*A special Epic Jewel

Third Place

*2 special Rare Jewels

Players with Lv 25 Castles can use the [Relocator] to participate in the Feudal War. The commander who occupies the District Wonder for the longest time will be proclaimed the victor and become the Baron!


  1. You must be in a guild Guild to Participate. 

  2. Wonders will be owned by the rally commander instead of the guild leader.

  3. This event will not be available in protected Kingdoms.

Topic today: Who will become the Baron´╝čComment below and 50 replies will be selected to receive 500 points. Winners will be announced on July 18.

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