[Video Guide] How you can get more Hero Medals!

Of course.. getting heroes upgraded to gold all the way is the dream isn't it? I mean.. the benefits are pretty much as insane as they can get. But you're probably having a hard time doing that, since.. well you're probably not getting bravehearts left and right no?

Well I got you covered. There are tons of places where you can actually get yourself ahead of most players when it comes to getting more STA for those heroes you wish to increase. It all begins with certain familiars and useful research that will almost certainly get you ahead much more than what people in the past dealt with. Luckily for us, this wasn't something that was here always and this is actually fairly new after some recent updates that don't seem that long ago (even though.. it was probably a few months ago! :o) But having that said.. feel free to watch the video if you want to hear what I have to say. Consider subscribing if you want more lords mobile tutorials!

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