[Video Guide] How to do Darknests

Hey there! So I heard that some of you were struggling to do those level 3, level 4, or even level 5 Darknests! I have the answer to your woes, as it seems its actually a little more difficult if you don't have some ready made ideas as to how to actually approach them! 

Ultimately it gets progessively more difficult as the tier of the darknest increases, but there is actually a reason why you want to send the type of compositions that you do and the gear that you're using. There is a way to do this without actually ever having to send siege mind you, so if you're wondering how then I've got the answer for you! 

A lot of the logic that goes behind getting these higher level Darknests is you're aiming to destroy the morale of the darknest immediately. Watch the video and consider subscribing for more Lords Mobile Tutorials!

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