What makes your Guild special?

Have you found a guild yet?

If not, it’s high time to look for one. Once in a guild you get following benefits;


Also, with the upgrading and researching waiting time, its good to have friends to chat 🙂


Have you found the correct guild yet?

•A good guild must have a HIVE,

•Active members,

•And you might also check GIFT LEVEL.


And finally, why are you in your current guild?

Many players finally do stay in a guild and remain loyal to it. Have you found such a guild? What’s the reason that makes you stay?


Personally, I found great friends in my guild 🙂 We work together to improve the guild and i like the respect and support in there 🙂 They have help me a lot and I know i can count on them (^_^) You kill it guys!  Yes, friendship is what makes my guild special and literally made me stay in the game.

•:• Some are here just to burn all, its a war game after all, so they stick to the big guilds and …speaking about war game.. many have also found their Soul-mates in the game!❤ and you what makes you stay in your guild? Comment below and I'll pick 30 replies to send 500 points. Winners will be announced on July 13.

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