[Video Guide] How to mass SHELTER your troops!

Hey guys, another video. And I know what you're already thinking: BUT I ALREADY KNOW HOW TO SHELTER!!

But no, this video is much more than that. I want to teach you how you can hide EVEN more troops than you've known. You see, there is a way to hide up to as much as another million troops with this strategy. In fact, I use this particular strategy all the time without any loss in fury because of it. I"m sure you're probably thinking.. . but why would I want to shelter a great deal of troops? Well because.. how else are you going to get past that 6M mark of T3 or T4? Well you could shield.. but who has the gems for that each and every day? This is the easiest way to hide a good number of troops, I hope you find it useful and hit the subscribe button for more helpful tutorials related to Lords Mobile!

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