[Video Guide] The Do’s and Don’t’s of losing your leader

You're probably thinking that I just recently lost my leader… well I did. People make it seem as if they never do.. we rarely talk about how we handle it.

I'm sure the easy answer to this issue is just to forget playing the game for 3 days. I'm sure some of you out there have had these stressful situations happen to you and you've lost EVERYTHING you've built. I can't disagree with some of you for having such a hard time dealing with these regular or once in a while or (never?) occurences in your lifetime playing Lords Mobile. 

But look, there are many ways to go about dealing with it. You could pay gold (NEVER NEVER NEVER), you could ask for the leader back (? maybe) and sure you might even think that the best option is to get the Devil's Cap to end your leader's life while in prison. 

However… let me tell you this much – every leader has a chance to escape. I've had this happen before.. and yes the crisis of not having one is major. Feel free to watch the video if you want to hear what I have to say on the matter.. because I've had experience losing them before, so if you want to avoid the absolute worst things you can do, listen! 

This guide is going to give you all the tips I've got on this topic, because losing your leader just.. well sucks. So avoid the wrong things you can do while you're waiting for their return! Feel free to subscribe to my channel if you want more Lords Mobile Tutorials!

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