What are the benefits of inactive and active kingdoms?

Ever wondered what a dead kingdom even is? I'm sure you've probably heard people compare the activity of kingdoms and often times people struggle to know the difference. The beauty of finding dead kingdoms is that the less activity a kingdom has, the easier it is to grow your account. 

The reason that you'll often times find this to be the case is that you have little to no competition for resources, monsters, and even gem lodes! Seldom do people even get attacked in these type of kingdoms and it works well for those who are only beginning to play the game and have left a migration protected kingdom. 

My advice is that if you're out there individually seeking to improve your account economically speaking, it is a great opportunity. However, there are also dire consequences to them. 

When you've placed yourself into a dead kingdom, the immediate problem you're going to face is a very inactive population. This means that if you're out there to fight, you'll likely find this to be very difficult. When you have very few guilds to fight, your enemies will learn from you substancially faster. 

I've found that attacking players in these kingdoms is like people in small towns, everyone knows each other and the moment you're scouted there is as good chance someone else in the kingdom knows about it! I caution you from being scouted in a dead kingdom as it often has large reprecussions, but really getting scouted in general is usually a bad thing. 

Of course, if you're wanting to find yourself an active kingdom I've got plenty of advice for you in that video to figure them out too. From my experience, the easiest path to finding a inactive 'dead' kingdom is by searching around base and looking to see roughly how many guilds are nearby. If you can count less than 5 guilds in that vicinity, make sure you check around forts. Usually this is not a good sign of activity in a kingdom, but what will almost certainly sell the possibility is whether or not the world chat is actively being posted in. I've usually scaled this aproximation to kingdoms between 1 to about 100 or so, but you'll find some even in the kingdoms of 150+. 

Active kingdoms are pretty much the exact opposite, where you'll find more than 5+ guilds in the near vicinity and world chat is regularly blowing up at any time of the day. The trend usually tends to seek those who are in the most near out of migration kingdoms, being that of 280+. Just about any kingdom is a good fit for just about anyone if you know how to handle it, I hope that this was insightful for you wonderers out there hopping kingdoms.


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